Angel: The Vampire with a Soul

Don't you love those contradictions?  He's a vampire but he has a soul and I thought - how lame? lol, and then I saw the show.

I really ought to stop watching tv shows backwards.  I watched Torchwood then Doctor Who, I watched Angel then Buffy.  I'm a very odd person, I know this.

But I love Angel, especially the beginning.  I think they show may have been better without Connor and Jasmine.
If Connor was left on his own and not the major thread of the story line I think it may have been okay.  But Connor was severely over-hyped.  I think more thought was put into the legend of Connor than Connor himself.  I think the ep Bargaining and Fred's all infected and she's like "The destroyer." I was like, cool!  Enough of this Fred, Gunn, Wesley love triangle.  And the Angel/Cordy crap.  Let's get to the destroyer and then he arrives!

He slaps this creature in the face and that was the peak of Connor.  Everything afterwards just made him a crazy, whiny, vampire hating teenager.  We've seen this already.

The only time that I was interested in Connor was when Faith arrived, and that was more about Faith than Connor but at least someone was handing his bratty ass to him.

Anyway, the whole show was great.  I wish it would have continued on tv.  I have some reservations about the comics and also a strapped bank account so I haven't gotten it yet.  I could have got it by now if I saved but I'm scared to read it.  I'm scared it'll suck.


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