Chuck is a Real Spy

Now even though 24 made me sleepy last night Chuck did not.
Chuck vs The American Hero

The whole twist about Sarah and Shaw's wife is what great tv is made of, lol.  If you say 'I knew it.' I won't believe you, there were no clues that gave this away but I like it.

I am disheartened about Sarah and how she looks.  I know what it's like to be a girl, I should because I am one and the show is called Chuck so we're looking at things from how Chuck sees them, but Sarah is starting to annoy me in the way I was annoyed with Kate.

Sawyer...Jack...Sawyer...Jack...Sawyer...I mean I stopped watching but it looks like even Sawyer got tired of Kate and went to an alternate time line to get away from her because she couldn't make up her friggin mind.

I know Kate is nothing like Sarah, but the way the writing's been going, I can't help but wonder, by can't Sarah just be alone?  It just looks like she can't be alone.  I know it's not in the best interest of making the show interesting, but it's kinda knocking her down as this independent super cool spy.  I'll be okay, I'll note it's not that big of a deal.  It just irks me a little.

But Jester and Lester were terrific in the midst of a real serious episode they were classic.  I like that they didn't feel thrown in there for the sake of it.  They were feeling left out, and so would I, if someone just borrowed my van without inviting me along.  "Don't make me afraid to be alone with you."  not as funny as "The cat was a bear!"  but it was still good.


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