Gossip Girl: XOXO?

Even though Gossip Girl was good last night.  I just found out it reached a new series low.  Sucks.

It was very Shakespearean and the only reason why GG may be considered Shakespearean and not Jerry Springer is because these people are rich.

The whole thing about Jack aka MacBeth, coming along and taking away Chuck's kingdom?  I think that the problem with this year's Gossip Girl is the structure.

1.) Things are taking too long.  Yes, I'm adding in the insane three month break that I know the writers probably could not factor into the story, it's just annoying all the same.

2.) Where in the world is Gossip Girl?  The girls from Columbia in last night's episode should have been wondering if Gossip Girl was dead instead of Blair.

So what's going on?

Jack is back and he's gross and slimy so that's always good for a good storyline.

Blair's going to Columbia? - Okay fine.

Vanessa is going out with Dan.  No excuse me, I'm sorry, Vanessa is settling for Dan because we all know she's still in love with Nate so...this won't go anywhere.  And Dan is settling for Vanessa because he's still infatuated with Serena, so he went for Vanessa because she doesn't have a slutty past.

Lily got a phone call the ep before last and now she's gone again for a 'check up'.  I have a feeling I won't give a damn of what she's doing so they just might as well tell us.

Dorota's pregnant...I don't care.

Nate and Serena are still together.  They deserve each other.  Maybe a post on that later.

The only interesting thing, IMO is Chuck.  There's always something going on with Chuck, I don't think I've ever not cared about him because he's Chuck Bass.

Lastly, and I do mean lastly.  Jenny.  I don't care about Jenny, I want something to happen with Blair.  Blair and Serena are tons more interesting than Jenny.

Jenny...and her drug dealing boyfriend
Jenny and her rebellion against her dad...again
Jenny and her crazy model enemy Agnes

I mean the stuff Jenny falls for is amateur.  Spiking her drink...getting her clothes set on fire.  Pull your clothes out of the trash!!!  Ugh, where's Eric?

I want Bree Buckley and Carter Basien to join forces to break Nate and Serena up, but they're simple and probably too dense to fall for any of their plans.


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