My FlashForward Theory

I started watching this show because it was based on a book.  And in my opinion tv shows that are based on books are always better than tv shows that are put together season by season.  The outline is already done by the author so just stick to it. (Roswell, one of my favorites.  The Unit, Gossip Girl, True Blood, the very, very short lived Dresden Files, and only one ep of Justified has aired already but I like it so far.)

I remember back in December when I saw the last episode of FlashForward for 2009 and when the announcer guy told us that FlashForward wouldn't return until March of 2010 I shouted "What!"  I couldn't believe I had to wait that long for one of my favorite shows to return to television.

But as they say, 'The wait is over.' and FlashForward is back.

I'm glad that I avoid spoilers because I'm surprised to see some of these people on the show, Michael Ealy (Splinter Cell and November), Dominic Monaghan (Lost) and Shohreh Aghdashloo (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and 24). 

All three of them play very good parts.  But one of my biggest issues has been the fact that Al kills himself to rescue the life of a woman that he 'kills'.  I know they had this character do this for purposes of moving the story along, but it looks like my original theory that these are possible outcomes of the future is right.  Because Lloyd Simco said so, I know, I know, who listens to Lloyd except Olivia, but he knows a lot more than what he's telling.

Does anyone remember Dark Angel? 

In the second season one of my favorite episodes was of the guy who used to be called Donkey Lips on Salute Your Shorts.  It used to come on Nickeloden.  In the afternoon.  No one remembers this show?  Fine here.  Salute Your Shorts.  The Dark Angel episode Brainiac, Max (Jessica Alba) and Alec (Jensen Ackles) meet up with another transgentic who can predict the future.  But he's not predicting the future, he's predicting possible outcomes of the future with the information that he's given.  He's like his own version of the CSI team, but before the crime happens.  If you haven't seen the episode a) it makes it hard to explain and b) you really should see it, it really is one of my favorite episodes.

Anyway, I read somewhere, I don't remember where, just trust me, that your mind never shuts off, it's always working.  Your brain is a computer.  You're taking in information all of the time, even when you are sleeping you can still hear.  Whether your aware of the information that you're taking in is relevant or not the theory that FlashForward is proposing is that you can predict your future based on the information that you've accumulated.

Personally, I believe that this is what deja vu is, that you're not really experiencing this very same event over again.  It's just that you may have daydreamed or at some point in a ghost of a passing thought a 'what if' scenario.  You've forgotten the idea so quickly that when you actually experience it you feel like it's happened before.

When it comes to FlashForward this is when I say it's a tv show and would be less interesting if everyone's flashforward was completely different and was in no way connected with one another. 

Lots of questions got answered in last nights episodes. 
-Who was the mystery man in the stadium?  (I love that one)
-What happened in the rest of Mark's vision?  (He was pissed)
-The ring that the FBI pulled off of the video has significance

Do I really care about the pretty girl at the hospital, her crazy mother and the doctor who wanted to commit suicide?  Not really.  But I'm not saying to get rid of them.  I can learn to care.  Just right now, I don't see why I would care.  The whole show can't be about Mark so, it's ok.

I do care about who's going to kill Agent Noh, but I guess we'll find out soon.  I really do not believe Mark would kill his partner.  One more thing, it was a good thing they put Janis with Simon because she is patient.  I think that if it were Mark or Demetri watching him they would have lost their patience and beat him up some more.

I can't wait for the next episode.


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