24 Cancelled

So of course, as soon as I finally like an episode of this season and post a blog praising it for finally something interesting happening, five days later it's canceled.

Goodbye 24.

Now, they're talking about doing a movie.  Okay fine. But let me tell you why no one is really outraged about the cancellation.

1) 8 years is a great run for any tv show.  So bravo.

2) It's been sucking since they got rid of CTU and made Tony evil.  It still had a chance after they killed Palmer only because Logan was freaking insane.  I love watching that guy.  He was terrific he was always panicking and...those were great times.

3) That season when Jack got that disease, it was uneventful because everyone, EVERYONE knew that he wasn't going to die so why are we watching this?

This season has been a bunch of nothing, the only exciting episode was when the President's daughter was being kidnapped by Terrorist Tarin and she had no idea and then that emp went off.  I thought that meant the second half of the season would be better but no...not after last night's episode.  I don't even care about the mole, it wasn't a shocker since I was already looking for the mole and I knew it was either the very nosy, Arlo or Dana.  So no one I know was all, oh my God!

Let's see, let's pull Jack OFF of finding the terrorists to ESCORT, heh, ok.  Escort the guy off the premises...okay fine.  And now the crazy lady is back with him, Renee.

And what's with 24 and the pills?  This guy has a heart attack just standing there.  I'm not a medical expert so I'm really asking, do you get a heart attack just talking??

And a little nod for having Michael Irby as the elite task force to kidnap the President.  Real cute 24 producers.  I miss The Unit.


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