Danneel Brings Out the Haters

I don't know know why people hate Danneel Harris.

Oh wait a second yes I do.  lol!

Because of that guy.  Well, if you're into handsome, nice guys, then whatever.

But what I don't get is the reasoning behind the twitter attacks.  What's happening?  Is there a "Yeah!  I sure showed her!"  moment that happens?  Yup, you got her!  You got her good!  She won't be able to get up in the morning.  Darn, your plan, you succeeded.

Sarcasm is so much harder to get across over the internet.

My point is this, Dear Danneel, don't give into the haters by answering them on twitter or anywhere else for that matter!  But DO answer the people who actually cheer for you. Be happy!  Happy early birthday.  And don't delete your twitter account like you erased your facebook account last March (if that was really you).  Keep sharing your puppy pictures with us and anything else you may see and feel the need to share.  I'm a receptionist at an old folks home I need something to look at while the time passes.  So this is really more about me than it is about you.

Me @lovelylj
Or @Lost_But_Secure   - who actually changed her name because you suggested a different name

(we're not all crazy)

I cringe when I hear some of these convention stories.  We need some good!


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