6 Worst Deaths on TV

6. Cordelia
Season 4, was just so...strange.  I know Angel fans beat this into the ground, but...it was!  It was strange.  And then we had the strange season 5, but we had Spike so it was okay.  Because he was hilarious.  But Cordelia dies and it was so sad.  I would have just preferred it if she stayed in the coma, lol.

5. Paul
What the world was that about?  I didn't even like Paul like that.  And then bang he was gone.  So crazy.

4. Alex
Again, what in the world?  Alex and Isabel were supposed to be together.  Although I did warm to the idea of she and Kyle getting together later on it just seemed like they were great for one another. Then it was weird because how can your friends not notice that you've been acting strangely.  Poor Alex.  I missed him in season 3.

3. The Doctor - David Tennant
I was so sad!  That was terrible.  David is such a great actor that the whole scene just made me want to do something about it.  Call up Russell T Davies and say hey!  You can't kill my favorite doctor.  How dare you.

2. Al Gough
He's an idiot.  He killed himself over something that might happen?  How about don't be in town on April 19th?  How about that Al?  Seriously? 

1. Johnny
Aside from the fact that Johnny had serious issues.  First he was all over Marissa, only because she was nice to him.  Which I get, I've seen it happen a lot.  But then he started hanging out with Marissa's sister.  What?!  Let me rephrase, Marissa's YOUNGER sister, Catlin.  Ew.  He gets drunk and falls off a cliff.  That is terrible!  And the way it was filmed, made it look like it was Ryan's fault, because he didn't catch him.  We all know this isn't true because Ryan didn't tell his drunk ass to get up there, but he's got his hand out like 'no!' lol.  I kept thinking, is....is this really happening?


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