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Best-selling e-Books

Not only is my father's short story Planet of Doom in this month's issue of Science Fiction Freedom Our e-book sales are increasing:
The top stories?
Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy
The Thirteenth Floor
Easy Come, Easy Go
Thank you everyone!
Stay tuned for my interview with Susan Whitfield near the end of next month - I'm excited.

Internet Clips that Make Me Laugh Everytime

There are things that I find on my own and there are things that my brother shows me, some of these things I can't ever forget so here they are:

Sonic vs. Vegeta
Sonic fans I'm sorry, but the whole thing was just far too ridiculous.  Insanely stupid.

Sassy Gay Friend

I read a lot of Shakespeare in school, he is basically saying everything I've already thought, but he just makes it funnier.

Banana Phone
I just sing this song whenever the phone rings

Leonardo DiCaprio

I saw Inception, and I thought it was a great movie.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's the best movie ever in the history of film and that everyone should see it!  No I'm not saying that.  That honor goes to the Back to the Future movies - half kidding.

Anyway, after watching Inception I thought hey...HEY!  I really like a lot of Leo's movies, so here's the list guys and gals. 

SPOILERS all over careful.

1. Titanic
The movie that everyone would not shut up about.  They even made us watch it in the 8th grade.  I didn't like Leo too much then, he was just some guy in a movie, and mind you, I was in the 8th grade when I finally did see it so...seeing it again a few years later made me feel differently about it, but really this movie made me a fan of Billy Zane more than Leo.  But he was in it and I like the movie now that I'm even older than what I was the last time I saw it and liked it.
I guess they kinda lost me at the part where he…

Rudeness Fee

I am now working in customer care.  Best belive this will make it to one of my stories somehow!  People are ridiculous.  If I had my own company I would do the following...

I would start a company, buy out all of the competition and become the greatest company there is.  In this case a phone company sounds good.

I would then take this same phone company, and make it mandatory that if you are not nice to the customer service representatives you will get charged.  You will get charged for every curse word, any time you yell, an any time you hang up without saying goodbye.

You'll be charged the rudeness fee.

You won't be able to go anywhere else because I'll be the best company in town.


I wasn't too hyped when True Blood came back on.  Mostly because season two was the unncessary orgy season and Jason's who Light Of Day institue fizzled out with a few paint balls fired. 

I did like the season but what I didn't like was about 50/50. 

Season one was better because I spent most of the season saying everyone was the killer even Bill.  I hate Bill but that's later.

I like vampires, but I want them to be more monstorous than "Oooh look at him sparkle!"

I came out this year and said I liked Twilight, in case you missed it, that indeed did go down and yes, I like it.  But what I don't like in all of my favorite vampire shows is how cuddly vampires have become.

My first vampire was Lestat and Louis.  I certainly did not want to run off with him and marry him.  I was afraid of him and I wanted to know how he was going to deal with being a vampire.  It was girm, it was dark and people and vampires both died. 

Then came Buffy.  No BtVS did not ru…