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Roswell Movie: Update - Video Campaign

I know some people are like, leave that silly tv show alone.  First of all, don't call it silly, it is epic even before epic became popular, remember Meet the Dupes Vilandra says "Totally epic dad."  See?  It's always been cool.

And btw, in a universe when we were able to get a theatrically released Spongebob Squarepants's not unreasonable to ask for a Roswell movie.  I know it'll beat the heck out of any remake.

I got really happy when I saw someone's fan video and they did such a good job.

I'm ready to go to the movies now.  I want to do one.    But it takes up a lot of space (to do a proper one) and I don't have the special editor's I'd like to have but Window's Movie Maker has been getting me through for years.  I'd have to do a lot of converting to .avi and such.

I actually have that font on my old computer.  The Roswell font.  You can only type in caps there's no lowercase.

Well here are the usual links:

New Doctor Who Tonight


The Vampire Diaries - Sun and Moon Curse

My sister called about two Saturday's ago and was all, "I don't get it how's Klaus in the teacher's body?"  It was after work and then I was confused.  Because surely she wasn't asking me how a vampire got a witch to take over a person's body because that's like asking how the flux capcacitor works.
We sorted out her question and kept talking that's when I said to her, which she does not remember, I bet the sun and moon curse isn't even real.  She was all, "What do you mean?"  I resisted the urge to say, what do you mean?  What do I mean?  So the ep with Bonnie's fake death happened and then the episode I was waiting for happened.  Elijah is back!
He's cool.  It's not even one of those oh gosh he's so dreamy type things...not like I try not to think of Jensen Ackles since he's taken now.  But he's cool in that I know I'm awesome but I'll try to be normal type cool.

Anyway, Jena is not taking ANY of t…

Roswell Movie: Updates

Usually I don't post on one subject to death.  But it's for a good cause.  For all three of you who follow my blog there are a few things that you should know that put me in a good mood while I'm embarking on the journey call life.

Majandra Delfino signed the petition...she's great. She introduced me to the Sassy Gay Friend...what? what? what are you doing?

Maybe Sassy Gay Friend can do a video about Roswell?  Huh?  It would be funny even though he makes fun of whatever he's doing but it would be funny.

But in other news....Will Sadler is on twitter.  I didn't know he was on twitter.  When did that happen?  I would have been following him all along. @Wm_Sadler

Not only is he on twitter but he signed the petition.  This Petition just sign it...we're all out of Tobasco Sauce

I'm always going on about what I would do or what I would change....but here are some things about Roswell that I love.

1.  Conspiracies...I'm there. The fact that hiding from the go…

Roswell Movie

I wouldn't do a Roswell movie.  No, I wouldn't.

I'd do SEVERAL Roswell movies.

It could work.  I've still been following the actors and they've taken good care of themselves, they can still play young.  So...we can pick up where we left off at.  Heck maybe those books will go back into production...the last two books were split and half and I was NEVER able to read the last book.  Sure I could read it now...for $100 since it's selling on e-bay.
But I digress.
They should do a Roswell movie and film in here in WV.  While that past part is a pipe dream, people love Twilight.  Now if you're one of the two people who follow my blog you'd know all the similarities that I've pointed out between Roswell and Twilight.  Except Max isn't creepy.
Can we go to Antar?  Nah.  I don't think that would work.

But we can have more people come from Antar.  Let's not forget Michael has a brother.

There's so much we can do.  Three movies.  Hollywood makes a…