New Doctor Who Tonight

I stopped watching Doctor Who.  I missed David Tennant, there's this strange man on my show and I just didn't know what to do with him.  Then they had Daleks that matched the color scheme of the Power Rangers and then they talked a man out of exploding.

Yes, that's right.  They talked to him and through the power of speech he could no longer detonate.  Sure.  Okay.

That was last year.  Before I moved.  So over a year.  No Doctor Who.

I really enjoyed Torchwood's Children of Earth but that's going to be a different blog post.

Then I tried to watch it again, but by then there was Amy and her boyfriend and the doctor and that love triagnle thing, I turned it off again.

But I saw the previews for tonight and with a lot of encouragement from people I know. I may watch it tonight.


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