Roswell Movie: Update - Video Campaign

I know some people are like, leave that silly tv show alone.  First of all, don't call it silly, it is epic even before epic became popular, remember Meet the Dupes Vilandra says "Totally epic dad."  See?  It's always been cool.

And btw, in a universe when we were able to get a theatrically released Spongebob Squarepants's not unreasonable to ask for a Roswell movie.  I know it'll beat the heck out of any remake.

I got really happy when I saw someone's fan video and they did such a good job.

I'm ready to go to the movies now.  I want to do one.    But it takes up a lot of space (to do a proper one) and I don't have the special editor's I'd like to have but Window's Movie Maker has been getting me through for years.  I'd have to do a lot of converting to .avi and such.

I actually have that font on my old computer.  The Roswell font.  You can only type in caps there's no lowercase.

Well here are the usual links:

@Wm_Sadler  - who just compared Dido to Popye...still doesn't ruin the song for me
@crashdowncom - who are still alive even today!  love that site
@roswell_fans - front runners of the movie campaign


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