Roswell Movie

I wouldn't do a Roswell movie.  No, I wouldn't.

I'd do SEVERAL Roswell movies.

It could work.  I've still been following the actors and they've taken good care of themselves, they can still play young.  So...we can pick up where we left off at.  Heck maybe those books will go back into production...the last two books were split and half and I was NEVER able to read the last book.  Sure I could read it now...for $100 since it's selling on e-bay.

But I digress.

They should do a Roswell movie and film in here in WV.  While that past part is a pipe dream, people love Twilight.  Now if you're one of the two people who follow my blog you'd know all the similarities that I've pointed out between Roswell and Twilight.  Except Max isn't creepy.

Can we go to Antar?  Nah.  I don't think that would work.

But we can have more people come from Antar.  Let's not forget Michael has a brother.

There's so much we can do.  Three movies.  Hollywood makes a lot of money.  It's the only show that mixed scifi and romance together so well.  Don't get all up on me...I've never seen Fringe.  I got a phone call and there's this place that will pay me to do menial tasks for money.  Then another phone call came through so now there's two places that pay me to repetitive nonsense.

But I would love a Roswell movie.  It'd be awesome.  If you agree...
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