The Vampire Diaries - Sun and Moon Curse

My sister called about two Saturday's ago and was all, "I don't get it how's Klaus in the teacher's body?"  It was after work and then I was confused.  Because surely she wasn't asking me how a vampire got a witch to take over a person's body because that's like asking how the flux capcacitor works.

We sorted out her question and kept talking that's when I said to her, which she does not remember, I bet the sun and moon curse isn't even real.  She was all, "What do you mean?"  I resisted the urge to say, what do you mean?  What do I mean?  So the ep with Bonnie's fake death happened and then the episode I was waiting for happened.  Elijah is back!

He's cool.  It's not even one of those oh gosh he's so dreamy type things...not like I try not to think of Jensen Ackles since he's taken now.  But he's cool in that I know I'm awesome but I'll try to be normal type cool.

Anyway, Jena is not taking ANY of this well, which is a little annoying because she's freaking out.  I know everyone else had time to adjust and adapt to the craziness...but she is a MESS. 

My sister asked, how do you know these things?!

I do not read spoilers on purpose.  I did read the spoiler about Elijah and Katherine's family connection; which was an accident.  DO NOT go to wikipedia if you want to avoid spoilers.  But that's the only spoiler I read.  I'm still mad about it.

Well, the show has been going in a great direction from ep 1 of the second season.  My issue with the first season was mostly boredom, and don't get me wrong season one is fantastic.  It's just better to watch all at once...that way you get the whole picture.  It really breaks the flow to go on a four week hiatus and then pick up with a flashback episode.  Which is necessary but not high on action so you wait four weeks to watch a flashback ep...there's lots of info that don't mean anything yet...not until you see the next few eps.


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