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Artist Search

I'm getting published in December's Science Fiction Freedom's E-zine.

Yay!  Exciting right?  Whoo!

But - calm down.  I can't draw for nuthin' so I need an artist.  Anyone who's interested in drawing a greek vampire with an Atlantean who's trapped in a futuristic liquid prision is welcome to twitter me @lovelylj for more info.

Poorly drawn sketches of my idea later.  Join for more info.

The name of the short story is Paradise One.


Tina was going to resume her normal day of work until a black light filled her small town known as Paradise, Texas.

Memories that were locked away from her teen years will resurface as she discovers the origin of the universe's most devastating war as well as the secret behind Earth's most dangerous myths.

Outer dimensional agent, Nicklar, Tobias and Lo arrive to question her, but it's too late the dimensional drift has already started. How will the three agents rescue a whole…