#AHS: Cult - Still No Cult

I know.  I know.  There's only been two episodes and I'm already pretty annoyed with American Horror Story.  Here are some suggestions as to what I would do.

1. Two-hour premiere for the first night if things are going to be this slow.  Or back to back night premieres.  Yes, we've had two gruesome deaths but we're not sure what killed them or we're supposed to question ourselves as to who killed them.
2. Shorter seasons.  I'd be fine with a shorter season if it meant more action faster. I guess my millenial brain doesn't like the pace. So far Sarah Paulson is scared of stuff her wife doesn't see and Winter is a terrible baby sitter.  Yawn.
This episode we pick up right where the last episode ended with Ally screaming.  Which is a good portion of the first episode.  And there's still no cult.  We knew who the Coven, the Freak Show, the Hotel, the Roanoke Nightmare, Asylum and Murder House were.  We knew where all of those things were and that messed…

10 Reasons to Listen to Blackout

1. Who doesn't want to read an adventurous mystery novel about an African American detective set in the heart of Philadelphia?

2. Solve the case along with Detective Alexander Steele.

3. It's four hours long, you can listen to this adventure during your daily route to and from work.

4. Alexander Steele's friends are just as important to the story as he is.  Learn about how they all fit into his plans to solve his cases.

5. There's just one novel for the Alexander Steele Mysteries but a few short stories.

Legacy of Death, Case of the Death Dealer, The Deadly Gamble, Death on the Delaware, Return of the Deadly Trio, and Case of the Deadly Ring.

6. Find out who Chameleon is and what is he up to?

7.  What new things is Sugar Bear into?  Will he hurt or help Alexander solve his case?

8. Who is the Philosopher?

9.  How does a flash drive get Alexander Steele onto the case?

10.  Will Alexander Steele take down the nefarious Chameleon?

The #Blackout Blog Tour #Alexander Steele!

Alexander Steele is a no-nonsense private detective located in the city of Philadelphia.  Follow him on his journeys.

I completely copied this from the hard working people at at iReadBookTours: Blackout

Join us for this spotlight tour from Sept 11 to 22, 2017!

Book Details:

Book Title: Blackout by Lawrence Johnson Sr.
​Category:   Adult Fiction; 126 pages
​Genre:  Mystery, Crime, Detective
Publisher:  Self-published
Release date: March 2011
Tour dates:  Sept 11 to 22, 2017
Content Rating:  PG

Audiobook Details:

Release Date:07-13-17
Publisher: Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Written by: Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Narrated by: Alistair Dryburgh
Length: 4 hrs and 9 mins
Series: Alexander Steele Mysteries, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook

Book Description:

Alexander Steele is a private detective turned night club owner in the city of Philadelphia. Steele and his longtime girlfriend Shakia's plans for him to retire are derailed when his cousin brings him an encrypted travel drive. The drive is opened by Steele'…

#FTWD: Minotaur / The Diviner

Fear the Walking Dead is back and everyone is just following Madison.  Except for Troy.  I've been watching Big Brother all summer so things are becoming a little blurred for me.  It feels like everyone has alliances and strategies to stay alive and win.  Or kind of like Game of Thrones, which alliance will win.

Welcome to the Madison show, starring Madison the Magician!  Because how else do we explain everyone else just doing whatever she says?

They're all idiots and the writers have things set up to look like Madison will win.

Alicia is on Madison's side but she wants Jake to sit on the Iron Throne and run things.  Madison and Walker are really running things.  They seem to be the only adults there.  
So far everyone has just been doing whatever Madison wants.  It's almost she has special powers of persuasion.  Madison says hey hand over the keys to Walker and Troy just does it.  There isn't really a reference of time so it feels like it's just hours later th…

My Top 5 Favorite YouTubbers

I spend a good amount of time in YouTube.  I remember when it first started and I wish it didn't have commercials, I remember when it didn't have commercials and it's been so long ago I just can't believe what it looks like now.  I should, but I can't.  It's so commercialized, Charlie Brown warned us about these things.

Anyway.  There are some Youtubbers I just wait for their next video to come up and I have my notifications turned on for them.

1.  Philip DeFranco.
I remember Philip DeFranco during early youtube days, I thought he was interesting, cute, funny.  I usually found myself agreeing with a lot of the stuff that he was saying, not so much on his delivery and I didn't always agree with everything he said but it was new refreshing and like I said funny.  It was him and Shane Dawson videos that I used to watch and for whatever reason, I fell off from Shane and ended up keeping up with PhillyD. His "channel", because youtube didn't always…

Fall Returns I'm Looking Forward To (and some I'm not)

The fall shows are coming back I'm super over Big Brother which is the only summer show I'm watching right now so even though I dislike that winter is coming and Game of Thrones is over I'm looking forward to the fall shows.

1.  Mr. Robot.  The season 3 trailer was released a few weeks ago and I'm ready.  I'm ready for more twists I'm ready for the writers and producers to troll us some more.  I'm ready for what's next in this show that's steeped in 80s drama and yet it's Hackers meets mystery.  I'm a sucker for shows that have theories attached to them and the audience has to kinda work together to figure it out.  It doesn't matter if you're pro-choice or pro-life or think Brownie really did a heck of a job, we can all get together to try to figure out what's going on in a tv show.  I'm laughing as I write this but it's very true.

2. I am looking forward to American Horror Story very much so.  It's one of my favorit…

Friday Flick: Coherence

This is one of my low key favorite movies.  I say low key because it was rough, rough around the edges, it may be more enjoyable as a short story.  But the fact that it was low budget was a plus in my opinion because it forces the cast and crew to be more creative and not go for the flashy-flashy.  You have you to be a master story teller to convey your vision with very little.  The story doesn't leave this one house which can come off as very hard do without making the story very stagnant.

NOW, I will say there are some times where I think the story fell off for a little while but I think it was a story that had a clear middle and end and I like those kinds of stories.

If you have read my earlier posts you'll know that I like stories that utilize the idea of multiverse theories.  That's why I liked Stranger Things SO much.  And it's also why I'm a little afraid of the Hadron Collider, but I digress.

I think this movie was great because it wasn't just about the…