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Paradise One is out!

My short story Paradise One is out in Science Fiction Freedom right now.  I was already excited to be in the e-zine and then I became more excited when I was told that an artist was assigned to my story.  Then I was through the roof when I found out that there was more artwork attached to the story when it came out today.

I chose the name Paradise One because I like Neon Genesis Evangelion.  And the names in the show like First Impact or Second Impact are mentioned a lot.  So as I was looking for a name of the city in where this tragedy would take place I found out that there's a Paradise, Texas.  Which is a perfect misleading name.

A lot of people are into vampires now and after I submitted Paradise One which is connected to a larger idea.  I went to a panel at PhilCon where L.A Banks said that she thinks that vampires will live on and that she thinks that a battle of which vampire is the best vampire will ensue.  Rest assured my vampires do not glitter.  They're apart of a s…

Conventions and Contests and Creativity Oh My!

I may not call, but I do write.

If you haven't hear already things are going great!

It started off when I became one of the finalists for The Science Fiction Almanac.  It got even better when my story 'Rain of the Slimax' became one of the selected stories.  Exciting right!  It's under a new name, The Swim of a Lifetime, but it's an adaptation of Rain of the Slimax.  Read them both, let me know what you think.
SYNOPSIS: In 1943, a stranger visits an African-American girl offering her a college scholarship in exchange for something special. The question is, what if the mysterious woman is a Nazi German spy?

That's wonderful news isn't it?  But wait...there's more.
My science fiction story, another unrelated Escape 2 Earth story, Paradise One will be released in Science Fiction Freedom's e-zine in December.  I just finished the final edits.

Guess what?  There's artwork to go along with my sto…

TVD: Not Like Any Other Show


I haven't written in this blog in a couple of weeks due to the fact that I have to get ready for PhilCon November 19th - 21st! But I've just caught up with The Vampire Diaries this week and I have to say this show has become one of my favorites.

Last year I was meh, I was okay about it. My main complaint was that it really felt like nothing was happening. So? You may ask...why did I keep watching? Because when something did happen it was awesome! But we seemed to be going around in the same circles for a bit without actually going anywhere. Caroline is needy. Bonnie is the best friend. Elena loves Stefan. Stefan loves Elena. Damon is a jerk. You know the usual stuff.

But this season. This season is awesome and we're only in ep 7 or 8 or something like that. Why is it awesome? Because of the incredible finale. Even though I didn't learn my Grey's Anatomy lesson and didn't stay away from twitter while TVD was on, I still did not see that ending coming. Sure..…