Conventions and Contests and Creativity Oh My!

I may not call, but I do write.

If you haven't hear already things are going great!

It started off when I became one of the finalists for The Science Fiction Almanac.  It got even better when my story 'Rain of the Slimax' became one of the selected stories.  Exciting right!  It's under a new name, The Swim of a Lifetime, but it's an adaptation of Rain of the Slimax.  Read them both, let me know what you think.

SYNOPSIS: In 1943, a stranger visits an African-American girl offering her a college scholarship in exchange for something special. The question is, what if the mysterious woman is a Nazi German spy?

That's wonderful news isn't it?  But wait...there's more.
My science fiction story, another unrelated Escape 2 Earth story, Paradise One will be released in Science Fiction Freedom's e-zine in December.  I just finished the final edits.

Guess what?  There's artwork to go along with my story.  For the first time ever!  An artist is going to put an image with my work.

What's Paradise One about?
A young woman must deal with aliens who want to kidnap her while her dimension collides with another.  Tch, she really thought that today was going to be another day at the office.

1- Carole Gill "Aftermath" - illustrated by C.K

2- Lee Crystal "Sump 3"- illustrated by Lee Crystal
3- Will K "Death's Shadow"- illustrated by Andrew Dodd
4- Tobiash "Prune for Santa"- illustrated by Richard S
5- Larry J "Terror on Telderan"- illustrated by Lee Crystal
6- Snow Don King "The Penitentiary"- illustrated by C.K
7- Lauren .A Johnson "Paradise One"- illustrated by C.K

Wow, so far these past few months have been great.  But wait...there's one teensy little thing that I need to tell you all.


Yes, I'll be visiting home for a bit.  Well, a little bit away from home. 
I'm going to have a book signing at a covention.  My novella The Visions of Koto-Ryin will be avaliable and I'll be avaliable to sign any copies.

My father, will be on four panels for that event.  But during the middle of the convention will be a book signing stop by buy a book and win a prize - all scifi fans are welcome!

AND...I have an interview coming out on on Thursday, Nov 18.

I think that's everything.  Oh...wait.  I promise there's one more thing...for now.
It's really not about me, but you can bet I'll be there.  My father will be attending The Write Stuff 2011, a Pennsylvania Writer's Confrence.

Oh yes, these are exciting times.  And I intend to take every advantage I can during them.

What am I doing now?
Besides depriving myself of sleep?  Writing and promoting.  Those are the only speeds I'm working on now.


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