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The Vampire Diaries
I know it's last season's promo pic
but I LOVE it!

I haven't written in this blog in a couple of weeks due to the fact that I have to get ready for PhilCon November 19th - 21st! But I've just caught up with The Vampire Diaries this week and I have to say this show has become one of my favorites.

Last year I was meh, I was okay about it. My main complaint was that it really felt like nothing was happening. So? You may ask...why did I keep watching? Because when something did happen it was awesome! But we seemed to be going around in the same circles for a bit without actually going anywhere. Caroline is needy. Bonnie is the best friend. Elena loves Stefan. Stefan loves Elena. Damon is a jerk. You know the usual stuff.

But this season. This season is awesome and we're only in ep 7 or 8 or something like that. Why is it awesome? Because of the incredible finale. Even though I didn't learn my Grey's Anatomy lesson and didn't stay away from twitter while TVD was on, I still did not see that ending coming. Sure...everyone was tweeting Katherine but that didn't mean anything to me. Katherine what?

I was still reeling from the mayor's death and then Tyler's reaction, I was no good by the time 'the kiss' happened. So I just figured it was a fluke that they had such an awesome finale. There's no way they could keep it up.

But then the new season started and they proved me wrong because they found a way.

Stuff that other shows stretch out for seasons at a time get wrapped up in two episodes. There's so much action.

Katherine - she still retains her bad ass psychopathic selfish ways. And you KNOW she's getting out. You know this. Did you see the way she killed that annoying girl. Insane. Anyway she was in, she was out, she was effective and caused the right amount of damage and intrigue.

Damage and intrigue in the name of Caroline. Who is actually a better character as a vampire.

The Uncle- Mason. Any other show would have drug him out until the middle of the season.

Tyler - It wasn't so much that he turned but it was mostly how. We knew it would happen but the writers led us to believe it would be Matt. But it was the other annoying girl who annoyed me on Desperate Housewives who did it. Seriously, I hope she gets better non-annoying girl roles.

The Bloodstone - here's the best part. This whole thing about the bloodstone in any other show would have taken the characters all season to find. "We need to get that stone." The beauty is they know exactly where it is! I'm sure Nina is pretty tired of saying the word bloodstone, but that's why she gets paid the big bucks. I'd say blood stone as much as you want me to for a role on tvd. But I digress. The way this is being done is smart and interesting.

For example, did you know that Damon was going to go crazy and kill Jared Padalecki's twin? I'm sorry doppelganger. Seriously...that should be an episode. I bet the two of them don't even see it.  Just look at them!

Things like that. You really don't know what's going to happen. Or even if you could guess. You don't know HOW it's going to happen.

Take for instance Masquerade you KNEW all the main characters would get out of this mess. But who knew Bonnie's cousin would save them? No one knew that!

Of course every show has it's 'I knew it moments' I mean a broken clock is right twice a day because I know I wasn't surprised when Elijah got right back up again, because that's what I would have done.

The Vampire Diaries is a show I could never write for. I enjoy watching it too much. Like the time I was in the Wizard of Oz play and everyone kept telling me how good it was.  But I'd never know because I was IN the play.  But on second thought, I could still work on a show and still enjoy it right?

I'm glad Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are on the writing team. I enjoyed Angel very much. Please don't ask me which one I enjoyed more. That's just mean.

I just wonder if my main question will ever get answered: Is Stefan and Damon still in love with Katherine and that's why they're in love with Elena?

The curse of the doppelganger.

I also like how the entire cast and crew is on twitter - except for Paul Wesley who's apparently too cool for twitter.

pretty people

pretty writer's and producers


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