Paradise One is out!

My short story Paradise One is out in Science Fiction Freedom right now.  I was already excited to be in the e-zine and then I became more excited when I was told that an artist was assigned to my story.  Then I was through the roof when I found out that there was more artwork attached to the story when it came out today.

I chose the name Paradise One because I like Neon Genesis Evangelion.  And the names in the show like First Impact or Second Impact are mentioned a lot.  So as I was looking for a name of the city in where this tragedy would take place I found out that there's a Paradise, Texas.  Which is a perfect misleading name.

A lot of people are into vampires now and after I submitted Paradise One which is connected to a larger idea.  I went to a panel at PhilCon where L.A Banks said that she thinks that vampires will live on and that she thinks that a battle of which vampire is the best vampire will ensue.  Rest assured my vampires do not glitter.  They're apart of a scientific, mythical plan and you'll have to read the story for the rest.

Did I mention how much I really like the artwork?
Josh Smith is the winner.  The artwork is awesome because it depicts an alien woman reaching out telepathically to a human woman.  Which is perfect. 

Here's the artwork - if you want to see a bigger picture and my story plop on over to:

You ask:  There's more?
You bet there's more!

Eric Rodriguez is also awesome.  Why is that?  Because he also thought to draw two creatures connected by one and the winged creature looks tortured and terriffied.  Which is exactly the case.  The torn wings.  Awesome touch.  Also love the sketch of the GoMart in the background.  Didn't think I saw that, huh?

But wait.  There's more.
There's Philip Aceves!
Who drew one of the most important scenes, which is Tina finding Adair's old burntout body.  I MIGHT do a story of how she ended up on Earth.  I know how she got there.  I just don't know if it's interesting enough to write a story about it.  Adair is always messing up.  You know what's a nice touch Philip?  I wrote that incident as if it happened in the day time.  But you're right!  It's much scarier at night.  duh

You guessed it.  More.
Javier Villanueva...I think you've made me a little bit afraid of my own story.  That is pretty much what's happening here.

Darnit! Kelsie Spann!  We're trying to stay away from the z word!  lol  But the images are just as terrifying as I wanted everyone to think a dimensional drift is.  Crazy horror ensues.

I'm not an art major.  I don't know about the impressionist movement or about why he chopped off his ear.  But I do know foreground, middle and background.  Awe..some!  But before I talk about the technical stuff Brittany Lee looks like they've read my other stories.  What made this artist put those figures in the background like that?  That is creepy because I wrote something similar to that in another story that only one other person has read.  I love this picture...but I'm creeped out by it, which is why I love it.

This version of Damascus is incredible.  He's supposed to be a good looking vampire, but he can look like that too!  Hey who knows from dimension to dimension his form could change.  Here's why I think Brittany's been going through my unread stories.  In one of my other stories I mention that there's power in words.  Well what's my old buddy doing in the picture he's speaking and the words become fact.  He wasn't the character to do it.  But it's happened.  eerie.

Check out the master behind the artwork:  Flipping through his blog motivates because it's one thing to think of the artwork but it's another to put it into reality.


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