Roswell Movie: Updates

Usually I don't post on one subject to death.  But it's for a good cause.  For all three of you who follow my blog there are a few things that you should know that put me in a good mood while I'm embarking on the journey call life.

Majandra Delfino signed the petition...she's great. She introduced me to the Sassy Gay Friend...what? what? what are you doing?

Maybe Sassy Gay Friend can do a video about Roswell?  Huh?  It would be funny even though he makes fun of whatever he's doing but it would be funny.

But in other news....Will Sadler is on twitter.  I didn't know he was on twitter.  When did that happen?  I would have been following him all along. @Wm_Sadler

Not only is he on twitter but he signed the petition.  This Petition just sign it...we're all out of Tobasco Sauce

I'm always going on about what I would do or what I would change....but here are some things about Roswell that I love.

1.  Conspiracies...I'm there. The fact that hiding from the government was a large part of the show was great.  And it was always conspiracies within conspiracies.  We still don't know that Topolsky is really dead.  I think Julie Benz needs to get in on this.

2. Love...everyone was in love.  Everyone!  Roswell can transcend school.  It can!  I know it.  I loved the couples.  Not so much Tess but that leads me to

3. Tess...I like to not like her.  She was so grey.  Was she really evil?  After nine years I'd have to say no.  But in the beginning I was all,  I hate Tess.  Get her out of there,lol.

4. Which really should be two if I was doing this in any kind of number order.  The aliens.  They were great!  The Skins.  Oh my gosh!  I was freaking out when they killed SPOILER.  For those of you who have been alseep for nine years.  Or were nine...nine years ago.  And let's not forget the dupes!  I remember I had to wait FOUR WEEKS for the Hybrid Chornicles to finish.  grrr

5. Alien Royalty.  That's it.  What's not to love about alien royalty.

6.  Michael and Maria.  While I have my issues with season 3 M&M, what was that one episode about when the guy from band camp...anyway...we're talking about season 1 and 2 Michael and Maria.  I love them.


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