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I saw Inception, and I thought it was a great movie.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's the best movie ever in the history of film and that everyone should see it!  No I'm not saying that.  That honor goes to the Back to the Future movies - half kidding.

Anyway, after watching Inception I thought hey...HEY!  I really like a lot of Leo's movies, so here's the list guys and gals. 

SPOILERS all over so...be careful.

1. Titanic
The movie that everyone would not shut up about.  They even made us watch it in the 8th grade.  I didn't like Leo too much then, he was just some guy in a movie, and mind you, I was in the 8th grade when I finally did see it so...seeing it again a few years later made me feel differently about it, but really this movie made me a fan of Billy Zane more than Leo.  But he was in it and I like the movie now that I'm even older than what I was the last time I saw it and liked it.
I guess they kinda lost me at the part where he paints her naked.  Imagine me, in the 8th grade, and you're going to let a guy paint you naked.  This was around the same time a rumor was started about a girl in my class.  That part just didn't appeal to me at the time.  It still really doesn't since they just met but anyway.
Leo dies.

2. Romeo and Juliet
Ahhh, another Leo movie that just made me want to slap a few people.  Here I became a fan of Jon Leguizamo and I was able to forgive him for the Super Mario Bros movie.  Anyway, when I first watched this movie, I didn't know who Leo was even though I was in high school and I had seen him in Titanic we were all, isn't that the guy from?  We were mostly distracted by Harold Perrineau, and again I didn't really appreciate this movie until I was older.  I mean...who comes up with a plan like this to get away from your crazy family?  I was more annoyed by the story itself than the movie.  I did like the movie!  I was just annoyed by the ending.  Yet again Leo dies.

3. Catch Me If You Can
This is around the same time I found out that Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks son, to which my father replied.  How could you not see that?  Whatever.  Tom Hanks was in Catch Me If You Can and I liked Colin, I think Tom is kinda cool, so I watched it.  It's such a good movie!
My favorite scene was when Frank's Dad is like, "Just write a name."  WHAT!  You can't do that!  Parents should NEVER do that to their children.  You can't just pick a parent to live with.  I'd run away too!  I pick neither of you!  Hah!  Take that!
The movie was interesting from start to finish.  Apart of me thought he was going to get away but another part of me knew better.  Leo DOESN'T die.

4. The Departed
Jack Nicholson, Mark Whalberg, Matt Damon, Anthony Anderson and once again Leo.  I thought, oh boy another cop movie, whatever.  But I was cleaning one day, and I had it on...very little got cleaned that day.  I was frustrated with HBO and myself because I kept missing it fromt he beginning...this is before we got OnDemand.  I finally got to see the whole thing and the way things played out I really liked this movie.  But as well all know, Leo dies.  I was so frustrated that I was that into this movie and then that happens!  At the end of the day I enjoyed myself and that movie has one of my favorite lines, "My mother is sick she's on her way out."  Jack says, "We all are, act accordingly." 

5. Inception
I was hoping to look at Inception and not think of Ellen Page as the girl from Juno, even though I have no intentions of seeing Juno...still, or the girl from the X-men movies.  I don't want her to have to do a nudie movie to erase these past roles, but I just look at her and see Juno or Kitty Pryde.  I know better than that because people look at me and see high school student!  When really...I'm 24.  So...on with the acutal movie.
I love this movie.  Well, love is a strong word.  I love the concept of this movie.  It provides us with a good excuse to drop people into water sleeping in a chair in slow motion.  I realize to me that this is awesome and probably no one else cares.
I tried to get my brother to get the magazine that describes the hotel fight scene for me, but I think he forgets, I'll get it myself, but that was one of the my favorite parts.
I don't see this movie either as a Leo movie, I see this more as an ensemble movie, everyone did great and I almost had a nightmare, lol.  Only becaues Cobb's wife kept showing up and she showed up in my dream and (my dreams are weird) I may have dream ADD because as soon as she started to freak me out, I had a completely different dream so, I didn't actually have a nightmare about her.  She just kept showing up though.

 I do have plans to rent/buy Gangs of New York and Shutter Island I'll eventually get to the Beach but I won't be seeking it out.  I haven't seen Gangs of New York and here's why, everytime I try to watch this movie something major happens, not always good or bad, just anything.  I'm interrupted, phone rings, visitors that don't know how to use a phone before they come over, I'm called into work...I've tried to watch that movie so many times, so...I'll watch it one day.

What's your Leo movie list?


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