I wasn't too hyped when True Blood came back on.  Mostly because season two was the unncessary orgy season and Jason's who Light Of Day institue fizzled out with a few paint balls fired. 

I did like the season but what I didn't like was about 50/50. 

Season one was better because I spent most of the season saying everyone was the killer even Bill.  I hate Bill but that's later.

I like vampires, but I want them to be more monstorous than "Oooh look at him sparkle!"

I came out this year and said I liked Twilight, in case you missed it, that indeed did go down and yes, I like it.  But what I don't like in all of my favorite vampire shows is how cuddly vampires have become.

My first vampire was Lestat and Louis.  I certainly did not want to run off with him and marry him.  I was afraid of him and I wanted to know how he was going to deal with being a vampire.  It was girm, it was dark and people and vampires both died. 

Then came Buffy.  No BtVS did not ruin vampires, we don't all have to follow that model but it looks like everyone has.  I'm pretty sure The Vampire Diaires was written before Buffy.  A fact that eludes a lot of Twilight fans.  And I've yet to read TVD books, but we have Stefan, who hates being a vampire.  C'mon Steffie live it up!  You're a vampire deal with it.

Same with Bill.  Bill full on hates himself for being a vampire, when he has plenty of other reasons to hate himself.'re a vampire go with it!

Same with the entire Cullen family, "Oh noes, it's too horrible to eat people."  I get that Twilight is more of a love story than anything else, but come on.  No one will be mad if you only ate criminals.

Lestat in Queen of the Damned, he was actually looking for his place, bravo, Lestat, bravo.  He didn't say, "Oh no!  I think I'll be a vegetarian (sly chuckle)."  If you gave Lestat a fawn to feed off of he would slap you.

Damon and Eric love being vampires, but they all get messed up when they meet some young thang who actually hates them?  I said, hates them?  With a question mark because I have no idea what Elena and Sookie are doing.  "I hate you so much Eric!  But let's flirt a lot."  Or Elena, "I hate you so much Damon, but let's stare at each other longingly while we do this dance that requires us NOT to touch each other."

The only vampires that I really, really liked were the ones from Underworld.


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