12 Calls That Make My Job Horrible

I decided to give my twitter friends a break and to complain about my job here on my blog. I'll get out of here soon, you'll see, and this will be

Top Annoying Calls
I wish my desk looked this nice.

1.) Did you call me? or Who this? - Whenever I hear those four words I just want to hang up. I have hung up. Because I get so tired of explaining that whenever someone calls from outside this building the front desk number comes up. So not only did I not call you, I have no clue or a care in the world as to who called you.

But the dog and pony show continues as I'm subjected to 'The Inquisition'. The Inquisition is when the caller plays detective and tries to find out who called them by inconveniencing me.
What is this place?
Where are you located?
Do you have someone named [insert name here] working there?
Who are you?
Are you sure you didn't call me?

And then I make attempts to get this person off of the phone.
If they didn't leave a message maybe it was the wrong number.

But that doesn't stop them. They want to continue asking their questions and wasting my time until they are satisfied and until I want to scream.

2. Bill Collectors.
If I tell a bill collector that an employee no longer works here, they have a hard time hearing that. But if you worked here, you wouldn't find that so unbelievable. At any rate, maybe the reason why you're calling here is because the person you're looking for is un-freakin-employed!

Or if they're not employed I'm sure you calling here disrupting the person while they're working will help them get in good with their supervisor. "Oh sorry boss, I'll dress that wound after I get off the phone with this bill collector."

3. One name only.
Ah, the one name only calls. People, work with me. What do you think is going to happen if you call a hospital...a hospital with only one name. 'Hello, I want to talk to Mary.' Seriously? Mary?
Then I say, "Do you have a last name?"
"Do you know what department she works in?"
"No. Can you page her?"

Yes! That's brilliant. I'll overhead announce for Mary to call the front desk, so that everyone named Mary will be down here. That's a wonderful plan.

A headset?  Really?  They're really unnecessary.

4. Call and then hang up.

5. Call again and then hang up.

6. Rudeness. 
"Hi. Who's this?" Every time I've won in resisting the urge to respond, "You called me, who are you?"

In all actuality it doesn't make a difference who you're talking to, the rules aren't any different depending on who's answering the phone. Am I going to transfer your call any differently than the morning shift receptionist would?

7. Is this Radio Shack?
Somewhere our number is listed as Radio Shack. This is not the part that annoys me. The part that annoys me about this call is how the caller insists that this is Radio Shack. If it was Radio Shack, why in the world would I lie about it?

8. Anger
When people ask me how I am and I want to get to the point. Look, you will probably never speak to me again let alone meet me, what do you care how my day is going? I don't care how your day is going, I know you don't care how my day is going, so let's just cut the crap and just tell me what I can do for you.

9. Are you sure?
When I'm accused of not being able to read. A supervisor called me once and asked me to give her the cell number of a new employee, I did not have this number and she had recently fired a close friend of mine over stupid stuff (non-mandatory paperwork, really?) so I wasn't all bubbly and friendly and I got straight to the point with her. "I don't have a number for her." "Are you sure?" "Yes."

Don't you know she called me back and said "Look under the [new employees title]." Where did she think I looked the first time?

So I knew without looking at it AGAIN that her number wasn't there, I said "It's not there."

She snaps back, "Did you look?!"

How's looking at it twice going to make the number appear?! She got fired a short time later, she was a jerk.

10. Maintenance
Yes, let's continue to pretend we're not still in an economic downturn. Things are getting better but not excellent. So, no, we don't not have 24/7 maintenance and no, the maintenance guy is not coming out to fix the leak in the ceiling or your cable until tomorrow no matter how much you yell at me.

11. I'm looking for [insert name here]
I hate telling someone that the person they're looking for is not here. The person on the other end usually overreacts and goes into a terrible diatribe about how this was the number that they were given and it has to be the place.

Yes, you've actually called the right place, I'm just got so much time to kill until the end of my shift I've decided to lie to you about where you're loved one is.

Or, you were simply misinformed. Call the family and get the right info.

12. [insert patient name] is not answering their phone is something wrong?

Again another panic call. Sure, let's all panic. Panicking helps get things done so much faster.

Or how about this, the person you're tying to call is in a HOSPITAL. They either
a) do not want to talk to you
b) are asleep seeing how rest is importing when you're trying to get well
c) watching tv
d) on the can
e) on the phone
f) handing out with the other patients in the recreation room. Crazy right!
g) All of the above and they just want to be left the heck alone

The caller always tries to get me to go upstairs (not happening) to find out what the patient is doing. Okay, sure you wait for me to do that. Like they actually want me to go upstairs and make the person pick up the phone.

But the one call that was the best call I may have ever gotten was when a former elderly resident called and threatened to "Get on the bus, make my way to the facility visit the administrator and  f*&^ her up." and then hung up.

At first I was in total shock like, what just happened? And then I just fell out laughing because she was like 80. And I have nothing against 80 year olds but this woman had issues getting around so I don't know how she thought she was going to hurt anyone. Man, that was funny.

But it's not all bad, some calls are really funny or the person calling is extremely nice under the most extreme situations so I'm grateful to those kind people because those other calls really make angry.  So, thanks kind callers, keep up the good work.


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