John Barrowman...John Barrowman!!

He's going to be on Desperate Housewives soon. March 21st.  Yay!

I'm the only one in my house who's really happy about this.  He is one of my favorite actors and I'm pretty picky about that sort of thing.  What I mean by favorite is, no matter what they're in, I'm going to watch it.  So it's pretty much a treat for one of my favorite actors to be on one of my favorite shows.

It sucks the way that he's coming into the show...I don't want to elaborate on his role and who he has a connection with, but I'm good with him just showing up at all.

He is my introduction into the Doctor Who world.  I first started watching Doctor Who through Torchwood and at first I hated him.  Captain Jack was so bossy and into himself, but he kinda won me over with his silly stories about himself and his leadership of the team.  Besides I felt he was doing a pretty good job as leader of such a messed up group, lol.

And then I HAD TO KNOW where he went at the end of season one and thus my introduction into Doctor Who and today those episodes with David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and him are still my favorite ones.

I hope we get the full scope of his talents on Desperate Housewives, and if you want to know more about John.  Here ya go:  John Barrowman Main Page  I'm jealous of the web design it's nice!


On another Desperate Housewives note, can we be done with Danny and Ana, Danny is interesting because of his crazy family.  It kinda reminds me of when Mechad Brooks was on with Alfre Woodward.  The mom was all crazy and the son went crazy because of the circumstances and stress he was under.  I know I've really watered that season down but that's basically what happened if I wanted to explain it in one sentence.

But Ana is dull.  She's Gabrielle without the scheming and less smart.  And she's got this...I'm so much better than you attitude.  When Gabrielle does that it's funny, because I don't believe she's being serious.  But when Ana does it, it's annoying because I believe she is being serious. I'm done with her.


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