Finale Season

Finale season is bittersweet, writers bring out their A Game or what they think is their A Game or in some cases their C Game and try to trick us into thinking it's their A Game and then you get nothing else until the Summer is over.

Why have I taken so long to write this blog?  If you haven't read my other blogs you'd know that I moved and it took us a week to get cable even though we called for the guys to come a week before we left, so I was all sorts of behind until recently.

Yay and then blech!

Let's start with the cancelled shows
-I didn't get to see the last three eps I'm still catching up

Melrose Place Finale
- It was awesome, not just because Nick Zanno got arrested but because Ella got Amanda arrested and those are two great things.  Because Amanda was terrible.

- It still stings that this show got cancelled, it could have picked up.  I know they changed the writing for the better, and I believe the writers were good at altering and fixing the show as it went along.  Just like any other show does.  But it had a complicated plot, which was refreshing, but ah well, I guess that's that.

-lol, Jasper.  btw, I'm really mad at the person on imdb who made up the thread Did Naomi get what's coming to her?  Har, har, your so clever.  But I called it back in April!  I told everyone, check back, you'll see!  I knew it!  It wasn't the best finale but if things don't get more interesting, the way they're cutting shows everywhere I'd say they have two more years left at this rate.


-That finale was all of that.  Maybe it was because I watched the last four eps in a row so it felt like a little miniseries but ugh, Shaw is the best bad guy.  He's kinda like Magneto to Professor X because Chuck and Shaw were friends at first.

I'm so mad because Brandon Routh is a really great actor, I really liked it when he was on the show, he has one of the best entrances ever!  Dare I say this was the best season of Chuck??

"The cat was a bear."
"The cat was a bear!"

lol!  I love that scene.

Gossip Girl
-The train left the station and then went all sorts of wonky and off the tracks Dan and Serena??? Again!  Jenny and Chuck, ew.  It was a great finale but still, Chuck!  Chuck!  I hope Josh Schwartz never sends me to Prague.

They'll be less Jenny and less Vanessa next year and to me, those are good things.  Sorry Jenny and Vanessa fans.  They just don't interest me.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Finale Shockers, Ratings DominationThe shooter was insane, the miscarriage - I should have seen coming, heh, I would have told that man I was a one-legged kangaroo if I thought it would help so hell yes, Bailey said she was a nurse.  I don't like Lexi/Karev I like Mark/Lexi better but he ruined it all.

The craziest tv scene was when Christina was still working on Derek with a gun to her head!  Now THAT'S hardcore.  Great finale.

We get more Jesse next year, I was concerned because the Mercy Westers got hit hard with this shooting, quite literally.  I didn't think he'd make it, lol.  Percy and oh, shoot I forget her name, the chick who got shot first.

-I have problems with the whole season.  People think it's okay to have a grudge against God and I know it's a tv show and I know it's not real, but listening to Sam and Dean complain to each other about how much their life sucks all season gets old.  Look at season one and then look at season five, this is not a progression.

At least in the first season it was let's find dad, and then ya know they found him and more exciting story lines jumped off from there.  And now Dean's saying he's going to beat God up and whatever and....really?  Then Dean gets a normal life while Sam's in hell with the Devil's spirit.  But oh wait!  Sam's out! season Sam's going to convince Dean to start hunting again?

I mean everyone's entitled to their own opinion and mine's is things started to get really wrong when Sam started listening to Ruby, made little sense then, makes little sense now.  I'm not going to stop watching, I have hope it'll get better.  Well, we got to see Jake Abel again, yay.

The Vampire Diaries

Hilarious because she was like, ummm, what are you doing?  lol
-That last half hour just took me out.  First it was th thing with the mayor and Bonnie, who went out of her way to lie to her friends, whatever Bonnie.  And then there was the kiss.  Just craziness, can't wait for next season on that one.


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