Chuck Bartowski vs Chuck Bass

Whenever a Josh Schwartz character goes to Prague look out!  There's bound to be trouble.

I don't know why he doesn't like Prague.  Maybe he thought no one would notice, or maybe he was hoping we would, I don't know, but it's pretty freaking weird.

Chuck vs Prague  or What Happens in Prague

See how I did that?  Because Gossip Girl eps are always puns off of actual  Okay fine, I'll explain.

In Chuck vs The Pink Slip and in Chuck vs the Three Words, there was this whole thing about what happened in Prague!  That's when Chuck told Sarah he couldn't run away with her (tear) because he wanted to help people and not waste his potential.

That was sad.  But then Gossip Girl aired months later
With Chuck Bass, you know although some fans may argue that the worse thing that Chuck can do is sleep with Jenny Humphrey, but that didn't happen in Prague.  Chuck getting shot in Prague was pretty messed up.  What part of Prague was he in.  When Sarah and Chuck went it was all nice and safe looking.  Chuck Bass goes and it looked like he was just looking for a place to get robbed.  I bet if Chuck was there the Intersect could have saved Bass from getting shot.

I couldn't find a picture, but here's the scene Gossip Girl finale scene  This is not the music that played during the scene but if you watched the O.C you'd get it.  If you watched the OC and you still didn't get it then here:

I probably would have posted this a lot sooner, but a) I moved b) I had a story stuck in my head and I had to get it out before I forgot it or changed my mind about it --again. No, it's not apart of the anthology my father and I wrote, it's a separate story all together.  Aliens, minotaurs, you know your usual normal kind of story.

This isn't the first time Josh got a little confused about his shows:

I love these corny behind shows, lol! Slow motion is great when used appropriately!

This was the scene that made me realize, there could be something very wrong in a right away with Josh: - it won't let me embed sorry

(Notice C.B can either be Chuck Bass or Chuck Bartowski.)


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