Tessa and Scott: Ice Dancing Royalty

Yes, more Canadians, but this is related to the ice dancing of the Olympics.  At first I thought the Olympics were an annoyance and interruption from my tv shows until I saw Tessa and Scott and I have to say...

Tessa and Scott are awesome.  Look at them.

It's so ridiculous because they make it look so easy, lets just go out onto the ice and do this routine, like it's no problem.  Like Kourtney Kardashian just pulling out her baby like she was picking up a tomato at the supermarket.  I'll get to that later.

But they just have so much poise and grace, it's incredible, it's amazing to watch them, I feel like time stops when they're dancing.  They're so cute.  And they're funny too...

That was them at a Gala Performance. Great work they put the elegant Nutcracker music first and then Everybody Dance now together in the same program, it's so much fun to watch.

I think I like them so much because they're young, I'm only two years older than the oldest one, and I can see the hard work and determination they put into their work it's so polished, refined and you can see them going out there and going for it.  Their faces at the end of every performance is like, "We did it."  And that's another thing, they seem pretty humble they don't seem to go like "Pfft, we got this, do you know who we are."  Then I wouldn't like them.  Who knows maybe they really are like that, but hide it from me, I like the fantasy, lol.

Watching them, makes me want to do more, it makes me want to write more, they're cool.  There's no way I'm getting out onto that block of ice.  But they've been doing this since they were 7, that's 15, 15?  15 years of work, so good for them.  I've been writing for 15 years, lol, so maybe I can become as good of a writer as they are good at ice dancing.  I came home from work today and wrote for three hours, hopefully it's something that people enjoy and I'll find my audience, but I'll think about Scott and Tessa whenever I need inspiration, because they're incredible.


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