Winter Imagery

The storm that hit the East Coast this past week made it really difficult to get around the city especially for the lazy people who just wanted to pull in and out of their parking spots without shoveling them.  But despite all the snow and inconvenience and issues I got some really cool pictures.  Here is my favorite shot.

No I did not make a snowman...a little girl across the street did it.  With a yellow beach pale no less.  I didn't think she was going to do it, but I saw her with the pale and by the time I got back home it was a freakin' snowman.  He doesn't have any arms but she did a great job for someone so little, lol.

I thought that I could rotate this in the editor but can't, the street light should be right side up.  This is my walk way.  That tree there is being weighed down by the snow.
This is my favorite shot!  I will never ever ever get this shot ever again. 
Not unless it snows again just like this, lol. Which I doubt.  I love this picture.
It was sleeting and that was causing this unpredictable blots of white all over the picture. 


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