Anjulie: Boom!

Of course this album came out last year, but it's very rare that I can play a whole album all the way through and enjoy it without going running for the 'next' button when I certain song comes on.  Groups like, Zero 7, Ivy, and the singers Dido and Aaliyah have this affect on me.  Every song is dead on wonderful and Anjulie is one of them, hopefully it'll always be this way, will it Anjulie?

First of all I really like her name.  That's it, it's a nice name.

Second of all, I have a hobby of music hunting it started when Roswell was on, and I'd hear a song and run right over to the Roswell I think it was called and there it was.  At that time there was no itunes or digital downloads so I had to actually order the cd from Amazon and wait for it in the mail.  Waiting for The Crystal Method's Vegas was the longest one.

But I digress, I first heard this song on Melrose Place when Lauren, it hurts a little that the prostitue on the show is named Lauren, I thought yay, Lauren is a doctor!  Then I thought, oh no!  Lauren's a prostitute, darn.  Lauren, was trying to get out of the hotel when a guy wouldn't pay and then she runs into Kimber from Nip/Tuck, before she jumped off that yatch because Mario Lopez asked her to get some wine.

And I thought this is a really great song, it took me two days to wait until payday so that I could get that album downloaded into my computer and it is a really great album.

I don't want to call her an overnight success because there's no such thing.  I bet she's been working towords this status for a long time now, there's nothing overnight about it.  I don't enjoy her videos too much, one video she's on a tightrope and another video she's rolling around in a bed, I really expected for the video for Rain to show the actual story of the song but, you can't always get what you want.

I heard the song again on Vampire Diaries, which was kind of strange because I didn't think it really fit.  Bonnie is setting a car on fire, it didn't really fit with Boom.  That was strange.

But I still really like the songs.  I like all of the songs but according to the play count on my windows media player my top favorites are in bold.

  1. "Boom"
  2. "Rain"
  3. "Some Dumb Whore"
  4. "Addicted2Me"
  5. "Crazy That Way Intro"
  6. "Crazy That Way"
  7. "Fatal Attraction"
  8. "The Heat"
  9. "Colombia"
  10. "Same Damn Thing"
  11. "I Want The World To Know"
  12. "Love Songs"
  13. "Day Will Soon Come"
  14. "When It's Love"
So, check her out, google one of her songs and iLike will let you play her song for awhile to get an idea of what it is, I really can't describe who else she's like.  I haven't given that much thought to it, but just google Anjule.


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