The Jersey Shore

Yes, after fighting it for a very long time.  I ended up watching the Jersey Shore.  I know, it's against everything I try prove for young people.  That we're smart, responsible, young adults.  But Jersey Shore is the complete opposite.

Body building and tweezing aside, I can't stop watching the show.

You feel like you're reliving high school all over again but this time it's hilarious.  I felt the most for Snookie, she tries so hard and it was nice for everyone to accept her anyway.  They could have been like she's a freak, we're not going to talk to her get the heck out of here but they took her in - that's sweet.

They really do remind me of school, they get into all these fights say these crazy things and then next time they're like, "Yeah, he got me good there.  Let's go party."

I look at a show like the Jersey Shore like a comedy.  I really don't believe that Mike aka "The Situation" really thinks of himself as such.  LOL!  I refuse to believe this, he can be jerky but I don't believe he is a jerk.  In a time where things aren't going so great for young people, getting jobs, healthcare and all, it's nice to see SOMEONE having fun. 

The guys are good looking and cool, the girls are sweethearts, except for the self proclaimed sweetheart Sammi.  Don't get me started on that whole situation.  But I kinda identify with them sometimes, like when Jwoww wanted Mike to walk her back.  I wouldn't actually jaw someone if they didn't but put that part aside.

I know that Italian-Americans are upset about the show and are saying that it's derrgatory and whatnot.  And I wonder if they were to do a black version of this show, what would it be like?  I would be pissed, because I think that the stereotypes for black people are way worse than what are shown on the Jersey Shore.  I honestly don't think it's that bad.  Some of my favorite parts of the show have nothing to do with negative stereotypes.  I didn't even know the word Guido or Guidette until the show started.  I looked it up on wikipedia and I know, I know wiki is not the be all end all but it's not terrible I thought it was something that meant that all Italians are in the mob or are all violent or something crazy but I might be missing something.

My favorite Jersey Shore Moments
Is the stalker chick - that was the funniest Pauly just couldn't get away
Snookie - When she was dancing on the boardwalk by herself, she's such a nerd, I love it
When Ronnie knocked out that guy
When the "creatures" arrived at the house
And when one of the guy's family came to feed them dinner

I would love to watch these kids play out in the Big Brother house.


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