It's Been A Long Time...

I have been very, very busy lately.  I went from someone with loads of time on her hands to someone who can barely find a moment to enjoy the day and relax.  So file that under be careful of what you wish for.

Because I'm doing tons of things and very rarely is it something I have a lot of interest in.  I started volunteering with the Red Cross.  It's a remote position, I'm thinking about letting it go for time sake.  When I started it I wasn't working and now that I am, I need to find the time to do it.  It doesn't take more than a half hour at the most to do but I think by the end of December I may let it go.  I like volunteering but at the same time, I want to volunteer doing something that has more of an impact.  Not that fiscal reviewing isn't important but with everything going on in the world I want to do more.

I mentioned earlier that I started a new job and I had hoped that with this new job it would force me into making my day more structured but after 13 years of working I'm finally learning that it doesn't work that way.  If I want a schedule I'll have to make one and carve one out.

I have several projects I am striving to get off the ground so let's see where it'll take me once I get a good schedule down.

is an agency I created to help indie authors connect with freelance workers.
I'm still working on it, I started it maybe two weeks before I went back to working so, at some point I need to set aside ample enough time to get it off the ground properly.

has been the site dad and I started back in 2009, we're trying to save up some money to transfer it from Ning to another site called Social Engine for a lot of reasons.

BookTown also needs a lot of attention.  Blogs, images, pulling information to keep the members informed on the indie publishing community.  So I need to keep up with that on a regular basis.

Frugal Gardener/Budget Gourmet
something else I'm working with my dad on.  This one is more fun because it's new and he has this youtube channel which I applaud him for doing.  Usually people retire and just harass their children for grandchildren but dad is using what he knows to share with other people so I'm trying to get that off the ground and going too.  He already put together the facebook page which looks wrong and I need him to fix a few things since I don't have access, today I made the twitter page and his blog.  So that's something else I need to dedicate some time to so he can generate more of an audience.

There's these things in the back of my mind that I know I need to get to and I just kinda put it in the back of my mind until I find the time or force myself to go to do.  Because between work, keeping the house clean, taking care of the pets (when I do take care of the pets), keeping household items in stock, bills and whatever else there is time is elusive to me.

And it shouldn't be.  I'm grateful for daylight savings time so maybe I'm going to try to start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.

I am not a morning person but I need to find ways to be more effective with my time.

Even this blog, I named it what I named it because life is about how much time you decide to dedicate to anything.

So I'm going to start thinking about time in different ways and applying my way of thinking in different ways.


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