90210: Everyone!

Everyone is crazy on this show.  How long before new character Lila goes off the deep end, what will the writers have her do?  Murder?

I hate Naomi and girls like her in real life, not because she's stuck up, but because she lied about that guy sexually harassing her. If enough girls are caught lying about being sexually harassed it makes it harder for the ones who have been to get justice. 

Liam is such a tool, lol.  I'm not faulting him for believing in his girlfriend, but he forgot his girlfriend is Naomi.  I mean, the way the conversation went, he probably IS a predator.  Because Naomi was saying "She'd do anything."  like a child begging for candy.  She didn't do anything that would suggest that she meant anything as in sexually anything.  So why would he even go there.  Watch, there's something up with that guy.

No Navid this past episode so no cuteness with Lila and Navid.  Darn.

We did get a lot of Rumer, I don't remember her character's name, and Adrianna and I'm thankful for Rumer in the same way I'm thankful for Amber's character Lila.  I was so tired of hearing Adrianna whine about Navid and Navid whine about Adrianna and Jasper.

Oh gosh, Jasper.  Watching Jasper drive Annie insane was great.  I don't know why watching Annie cry is funny to me, I may need to get that checked out.  But he really jumped off the sign!  Heh.  At least it wasn't lame like when Johnny slipped and fell on the OC and then had the audacity to die!  Chasing Marissa no less.  I'd rather spend the day with Annie then Marissa, at least something funny would happen.  The stuff that happened to Marissa was like...well, it's not important let's get back to this show.

Adrianna sung, which was cool goes over and kisses her girlfriend. Which was one of those cool/unrealistic moments.  Just an hour ago you were freaking out about your bandmates seeing you and now you're kissing her in front of a crowd of people and your friends.  I know that same hour ago she didn't even want to sing on stage but...fine I'll just go with it.  Adrianna is a different kind of a basket case than Jasper or Annie.

The same way I'm annoyed with Jenny on Gossip Girl.  I'm annoyed with Dixon.  For what seems to be the same reason.  He feels like the world should revolve around him.  His mom showed up like he wanted and then she had to leave, and like a ten year old he had an attitude about it.  Dude, she's got to go back to her life, you know, work.  That's the reason why she gave you up to begin with, she wasn't well and had to put herself together,  jeez Dixon.  And now he's developing a gambling habit.  Does he even still work at the Peach Pit?  Which doesn't seem to appear at all this season does it?  It's just that fake beach restaurant place they go to.  And now Dixon and Ivy.

I would like Ivy more if she wasn't behaving like a guy.  Downing butter packs, c'mon Ivy, no wonder Liam isn't head over heels in love with you.  Now she's making out with Dixon and whatnot.  That butter taste good Dixon?  I should stop that was like ten episodes ago.

  I do want to see what comes of Ivy's mom being Adrianna's manager. These kids get opportunities thrown at them, why are they always crying all the time?


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