Supernatural's 100th Episode, Point of No Return

I don't know where in the episode was the point of no return, I thought it was going to be Dean saying yes and the reneging but...I guess not.

I was a little apprehensive to watch this episode because the last time I watched a 100th episode, Cordelia Chase died, and I wasn't too happy about that.

I'll start off with the bad.  I was getting pretty tired of the brothers constantly complaining about God.  And then Castiel jumped on board.  I mean, did any of the three of them ever consider that God is testing them?  It's throughout the freakin Bible you know.  All of the deadbeat dad comments and God sucks across these past few episodes have been a turn off for me.  I know, I know it's a show and they're proving a point, but I got it, we get it, Sam, Dean and Castiel aren't happy with God, no need to beat an already dead and decaying horse.

But onto the good.  I don't know if I liked this episode because of the minimal amount of God bashing (I don't think there was any.) Or if it was because of Adam!

At the end of Jump the Shark I felt terrible, Sam and Dean lost a brother before they got to know him and he died horribly.  It sucked and it was really sad.  I'm trying hard not to complain but I wish some of these things were thought out beforehand.  Whenever things relate to John, Sam and Dean are like, oh yeah, there's this thing no one knew about until this episode.

Dean charging John's old phones.  What?
The lockup in BDABR.  Never mentioned before or again.
All of a sudden John has a son.  There's pages missing out of the journal that was never mentioned before.

But fine...okay.  I'll move on.  I like Adam, I hope he comes back, he didn't grow up with Sam and Dean so he approaches the relationship in a completely different way.  He's independent and he's looking at Sam and Dean like the dysfunctional half brothers, lol.

I liked the episode not just because Castiel kicked Dean's butt.  But because the reason behind it.  Dean has so much conviction at the beginning of the season and now he's all, nevermind, I'll say yes.  With no thought as to what Castiel did for him.  I'd beat him up too.  If I was Castiel going around killing angels and defending the brothers and now one of them says nevermind, pfft.  Be prepared for a butt kicking.

Overall this season hasn't been the greatest, but I had the same problem with season three, I think it's the constant breaks, I think Supernatural is one of those seasons that need to be watched as a set, all together, instead of a few episodes here and there.

What I want?  I want a picture of everyone together.  Young Sam and Dean, present Sam and Dean, Adam, old and young John and Mary.


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