The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I feel like my relationship with Twilight is the same as Bella and Edward's relationship.  He's trying to stay away from her and she can't seem to leave his thoughts.  It is pretty unhealthy how attached they are to one another, but I won't talk about that right now.  But seriously, it''s scary.  (I know it's just a story, but still.)  lol

I watched New Moon and mind you I was still looking at Twilight like this was an adventure story and not a simple romance story so I start to watch it and I'm thinking Yes!  Werewolves versus Vampires. 

Which is not my fault!

The previews are jerks.  They clearly show Jake turning into a werewolf and Edward posing like he's ready to fight.  Spoiler Alert!  They don't fight.  I'm not condoning fighting over a girl, but they completely misrepresented what was going to happen in this movie.  Did I feel cheated?  Yeah.  Do I still feel that way?  Nah.  Why?  I was going to say Taylor Lautner, but I'm trying to be serious.  I watched it again looking at it purely as a romance story and then everything clicked.  I am now thinking, tch duh! 

I think that's why people dislike Twilight so much, because it's so sappy and 'oh I love you I can't live without you blah blah blah' and this freakin' vampire can rip your head off but he doesn't.  When I started reading Midnight Sun, more things started to click. 

I do realize the craziness in reading Midnight Sun, the unfinished Edward's point of view of Twilight but I will read Twilight, but having already seen Twilight and now New Moon I feel like the other half is there and it's snug with the rest of the story.  Little things that Edward does I now get.  I get it now! 

I'm seriously considering writing Stephanie Meyer a letter really asking her to finish Midnight Sun.  I have to know the rest of this story through Edward's eyes. 

While I'm reading Midnight Sun, inbetween that time I watched Twilight again.  And now I know why he looked the way he did when the fan blew when Bella walked into the room and why he was staring at her like that all throughout the ENTIRE class.  Poor Bella.  He was a) thinking of ways to kill her, why is that funny to me?  and b) trying to read her thoughts, also funny to me because people joke that there's nothing there to read, ha. 

But then he comes back.  He's infatuated with her now.  I don't know if Twilight expresses this because it's told from Bella's POV but I doubt it, I'll get to read it once I'm finished with Midnight Sun.  I think Edward is more interesting than Bella is anyway.  I don't know if that's because I'm a girl, or if it's because he's a guy or if it's because he's a 109 year old vampire, but ya know.  His POV is pretty interesting to me.

Another thing that made me like New Moon more after the first time I watched it was the soundtrack.  Good.  Good.  Good.  I listen to almost everything. My favorite songs, coincide with my favorite scenes. 
Meet Me On the Equinox - Edward wishes Bella a happy birthday

The Violet Hour - Her Birthday Party before Jasper tries to murder her

Hearing Damage - Great choice for this scene.  When the wolves are chasing Victoria.  Well filmed.

Shooting the Moon - the lead singer of Ok Go can sing to me anytime.  Bella and Jacob are spending time together.

Slow Life - When Jacob rescues Bella from herself and Victoria.

Those are the songs that are on the playlist right now that I can remember the name of the song and the scene.  I know I'm not in love with the entire soundtrack, but these songs, muy bueno.

I'm glad the evil vampires had shoes this movie.  It didn't make sense for them to be barefoot.  Maybe that's explained in the book.  I liked Victoria's outfit.

Later Twilight Fans and Soon to be Fans


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