Gossip Girl: Jenny

I'm so tired of Jenny.
She only wants Nate when he's with one of her friends.  I don't remember her chasing after Nate when he was dating Bree Buckley and she wasn't after him after he broke up with her.  But when he was dating Blair she was in his face and when he was dating Vanessa she was plotting to destroy Vanessa (I didn't care who won that one) and now Serena.

Serena and Nate deserve each other.  One is just as vapid as the other, which is fine.  Besides Nate has always been in love with Serena and Nate is an okay guy so go for it.  This way I don't have to listen to Dan whine about 'different worlds' every time he's annoyed with Serena.

I liked the episode and I'll get to Jack in a second, but I'm over Jenny.  I feel like it's a new Harry Potter adventure with her.
Jenny and the crazy model
Jenny and the drug dealing boyfriend
Jenny and the guy who doesn't want her like that anymore

I had a feeling this would happen when all the more interesting characters graduated.  Chuck has lost is hotel, his mind and then his girlfriend and Jenny is kissing on guys who are not her boyfriend.

Vanessa and Dan - don't care.

Now, what I do care about is Chuck!  What did you do!  How could you do that!  What!  I can't breathe, things were going so well.  How could you do this to me...I mean Blair.  I've been disgusted with Blair for awhile for sleeping with Jack in the first place, no I'm not blaming her, but ew.  The writer's wrote in that Chuck forgives her for doing so because he slept with Vanessa, that's not the same thing!  It's not!

How does Blair even let that happen?  And oh yea, I slept with Jack on New Years because Chuck said he didn't love me.  Come one.  Come on!

So now Jack's back and still insane.  Chuck used her love for him against her.  Ohh, Edward would never do that to Bella.  NEVER!  Oh wait, am I comparing couples across genres again?  Ok, back on topic.  I've enjoyed the suspense enough, tell us what Lily's doing with her ex-husband this whole time.  Tell us!  That letter popped up in so many places I was able to make a fan vid about it!

But all kidding aside Serena knows that Jenny is eying Nate, even if she wasn't, Serena shouldn't be sneaking off to see Carter in a hotel room no less and lying to her boyfriend about where she is.  She's asking for Jenny to use this chance.  Should prove an interesting episode.


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