Melrose Place: Lauren and David

I love Lauren and David.  When she showed up at the restaurant to rescue his behind, I though "Yeah, yo go girl!"  And I only thought this because I cannot pull of saying that out loud.  He'll get over how she used to be a prostitute.

We do need to get rid of that crazy girl that's been stalking David though.  Lauren'll probably rescue him from that too.

I feel like Jonah should be on Gossip Girl, he changes his mind as much as those teenagers do.  The whole auction thing was hilarious.  I was irritated with Riley a) because I recently saw Cloverfield and then had flashbacks to when she was on 90210 and that jacket!  It was such an eye sore!  Then I remembered the Covenant and that me and 50 other people liked that movie so I was no longer angry with the actress over Cloverfield anymore.

I did burst into laughter when Nick Zano or whatever his character's name is, tried to auction off his band and he was met with dead silence.  Not so cool as you think you are, huh?  I also remembered The Final Destination and my dislike for Nick Zano intensified.

Ella stealing the password from the guy in accounting was so funny.  And then he turns her down, that whole scene was great.

I enjoyed this episode only to find out we're up to the season finale already next week.  This show better get renewed.


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