Twilight: How Did I Get Here?

Recently for no reason at all, I suddenly developed this interest in Twilight.  I don't understand it seeing as when I first saw Twilight I hated it.  I hated the story, but the one thing stayed the same - I always liked Edward and Bella. 

Maybe it's their names Edward and Isabella but let me take you through how I came to my initial reaction to Twilight.  I hated it because it was too easy to make fun of.  When I first saw the trailer and Edward is all, "Say it.  Out loud."  My immediate reaction is wtf? lol!  And Bella says "Vampire."  I'm thinking, when is he going to attack her?

Ever since that dramatic commercial my brother and I made fun of it, he would grab me by the arms and say "Say it.  Out loud."  Of course he would catch me off guard hours after we've seen the commercial and when I finally figure out what he wanted I'd return with "Vampire?"  In the wimpiest voice ever.

Everyone has their own Twilight point of view.  I had no idea it was a book.  When it finally came out on video my mother brought it - I think we would have enjoyed it more if we weren't expecting an action movie.  It's like an hour into the movie and the good guys didn't even meet James and his merry team of human blood sucking vampires.  So me, my mom and my dad were kinda like, when's something going to happen.

I think the movie also did not convey correctly what exactly Edward's problem was.  Bella walks into the room, the fan blows and he looks like he wants to puke.  Then he rescues her smelly life.  Confusing much?

I know.  I know.  We get the story told from Bella's point of view, but right now I'm reading Midnight Sun.  I'm up to page 120, I think.  Edward and Bella are supposed to go to Seattle together.  And Midnight Sun is a whole lot better than Twilight the movie.  I really feel like we should mix Twilight and Midnight Sun together and just redo the whole movie.

Because Twilight is told from Bella's point of view I felt just as clueless as she did at certain times.  For future reference, I like to be informed in my movies.

So after watching Twilight, I watched it again alone hoping that there was more that I could have possibly missed.  There were things that I missed, but I wasn't getting it so I forgot about it.  I didn't think about Twilight again until after I read about Stephanie Meyer and how easy it seemed for her to get a literary agent.  Then New Moon came out - I didn't care.  I was too disappointed in Twilight to see it.  Then it came out on DVD, I wanted to know what kind of trouble Bella could get into so I watched it.  Edward is barely in it, lol.  Just Bella's hallucinations of him.  I got to see more insight into these to characters but it still wasn't enough. 

I brought the novel, which upon retrospect I'm starting to wonder if this was the plan to sell more books all along.  No, that's just silly.

There are aspects of the Twilight Saga that I like, but here are the reasons that led me to shy away from this compelling story in the first place.

1.  Twilight was everywhere.  I was hearing about it all the time but being told nothing.  I really don't care about Robert Pattison or Kristin Stewart.  I do have a little problem paying more attention to Taylor Launter that would probably mark me as a cougar decades earlier than I anticipated but back to what I was saying.  Every time I heard it in the media all I hear was blah, blah, blah, another vampire love story blah.  Which it is but there's more to it and that isn't capitalized on.

2. I'm scared of the fans.  Twilight fans are really defensive.  Asking a question about anything is perceived as being a hater.  Or not getting it -which is why I ask the questions in the first place.  Or you should just read the book.  Which is not bad advice, but still, you read the book can't you answer the question?

3.  As I mentioned in other posts about Twilight.  There are some similarities to Roswell.  Except Max never fantasized about killing Liz.  Not anytime that we're told of.

4. Last but not least.  Sparkling.  Sparkling vampires.  They sparkle.  If she doesn't want her vampires to explode, or burst into flames upon the sunlight then find something else that's menacing.  I thought 'Are you serious?' When Bella says that Edward is beautiful, pft, he looks like he fell into some computer graphics in my laptop.  And then Edward says, "This is the skin of a killer."  The skin of a killer sparkles? 

So, Twilight fans in order to get skeptical prospects interest into Twilight, don't let on how obsessed you are with it, it'll scare people away.  And tell them that it's a romance.  When people hear vampires depending on your generation you're going to think Buffy type Vampires, Lestat, or True Blood.  None of these stories have what the others have.  All of the points of view are different, the rules are different, and the objective of the main characters are different.  These are action, adventure, mystery type stories.  Twilight is a paranormal romance.  That's it.  The faster someone new to Twilight realizes this, the more they'll get it.

So in lieu of my new fascination, I'll be writing more Twilight blogs until I get tired of it all.  But with Eclipse coming out this summer, I doubt if that'll be any time soon.  


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