90210 and Melrose Place

90210 status

Jasper is still crazy.  People misunderstand me when I say I like Jasper.  I don't like Jasper like I want to hang out with him.  I don't like him the same way I like say...Dean Winchester.  Jasper is a lunatic.  I like WATCHING Jasper.  I only like watching Jasper mostly because Annie has a real reason to cry.  Annie freaks out about anything, from stealing other people's life experiences to being ditched by her brother and now Jasper is public enemy number one.

But the thing about Jasper and Annie was the fact that things were cool they were hanging out making movies and what not and things were cool when Annie thought that Jasper could further herself in her career.  But then he started demanding sex and stuff like that, then I decided they were both messed up even though Jasper was more messed up than Annie.

Adrianna and Navid are two people that I'm so tired of and again.  The reason why I like Jasper, I was interested in the whole Navid versus Jasper thing, but when they did the whole drug thing before with Naomi I wasn't too excited when they did it again wit Navid and Jasper it was predictable and I thought, ugh, again?

So when Navid asked out Lila I thought, 'Oh thank God.'  Watching Navid cry over how stupid Adrianna is and then watch him cry about Jasper got old quick.  And Lila is not annoying so that's a big plus for me.

I was done with Liam when he erased the proof that Jen was crazy.  Why would you do that?  Why would you do that?  I know they're teenagers they're not supposed to think logically, but no one is thinking logically, except for Silver.  Silver seems to be the smartest one and then she gets hung up on Teddy.  She needs a better story line.

So, why do you watch this show?  Some may ask.  I watch it because it's hilarious, the stuff that happens, is not meant to be funny, but I think it is.  Annie getting kicked out of Naomi's party last year, Jasper telling Annie that he knew that she killed his uncle, Naomi talking about Ivy or any one else for that matter.

So here's the run down.
Please keep Lila on the show.  To do so:

Let everyone know how much you like Lila on 90210. Where you like Lila and Navid as a couple or just Lila to stay on the show, please write to them, e-mail them, call them. We could use your support! The CW Television Network By Mail: The CW Television Network, 3300 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505 Email: feedback@CWTV.com Viewer Comments: 818-977-6878

Here's the letter I wrote:
Dear CW,

Please keep Lila on the show.  If she leaves that means that well be regulated to the daily whining of Navid.  And the daily crying of Adrianna, who cries over bad situations that she puts herself in.  So far Lila isn't an idiot and seems to be a competent person.  Please keep it this way.

Thanks CW!

I don't care about Adrianna and her gay or non gay tendencies.
I don't think Teddy should be with Silver because she's better than him.
Dixon needs to grow up.
I want Ivy to get one over on Naomi, because Naomi's wrath would be entertaining to see.

Melrose Place
I didn't see the original Melrose Place so this whole thing with Amanda and the evil doctor, I get what's happening when it comes to the main characters but I don't care as much when they all get together. 

I used to like Jonah, but then he lied to Ella, who made it no secret that she wanted him, he uses her and now he wants Riley back?  Come on Jonah, what is that?

I like Lauren the best.  Not just because her name is Lauren, I really wish she wasn't a prostitute but she's putting that behind her and I'm proud of her.  But I also like her because of David.  She and David are adorable.  I love them, they're my favorite good corrupted couple, underneath the stealing and the prostitution they're really good people.

I'm still not understanding why Nick Zano is there.  I also don't understand why I don't like Nick Zano, maybe it's the Zano part, maybe it's because of his character on What I Like About You is almost the same character it is on Melrose Place.  Maybe his personality rubbed me the wrong way in that mtv show, Why Can't I Be You.  Out of all the mtv shows that's the one I try to forget the most.  Maybe I'll get over it and he'll grow on me or maybe he'll irk me to no end.

Either way, I think Melrose Place deserves another season.


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