Thursday Night TV

Vampire Diaries

Let's start at the end.  Jeremy wants to be a vampire?  What?  Why?  I'm annoyed and intrigued at the same time. I retweeted what someone said on twitter about him being a younger looking Jared Padalecki.

All the vampires are out of they crypt and things are going as I thought they would, which is not a bad thing.  Things are revving up to get messed up and I can't wait for it to go south...umm souther?  Because things are bad enough.

I understand what Caroline's problem is, but I don't care.  I liked her better when Damon was using her.

Where in the world is Katerina Graham  (Bonnie)?  I know her grandmom died, which made me SO sad but it's tv world you're supposed get over it a whole lot faster.

Melinda Clarke's on the show.  It's always great to see her, I did cringe when her son caught her with Damon, because that was really, really awkward not to mention embarrassing.   

I like Stefan and Elena, I get more out of them what I wanted out of Max and Liz from Roswell.  We actually get to see the relationship and why they like each other.  Whereas Roswell was just, we like each other and now we go together.

Grey's Anatomy
The news came about about two weeks ago, I think, that Katherine Heigl is no longer on the show.  I'm glad not because I hated Izzie but whenever the personal life of the actor takes over the actual show it makes it harder to enjoy the show.  I no longer care about the scene at hand, instead I'm thinking what was she doing around this time of shooting.  Is that my fault?  Probably.  Probably not, what I know for sure that's not my fault is the back and forth.

She's back, she's not back, she's back, she's not back.  This has been going on since the finale and it was either her or TR Knight, who I miss by the way, so I think that in the terms of the storyline it's not good for him to have left, so I feel as though they should not have killed him.  The execution in how he died and how his friends dealt with his death was great tv, great acting, great writing, but sad, very sad.  If I was an actor on a tv show I would like to be killed off saving someone, but I miss him.  Yes, the whole, we're treating a man who works with us was done on ER before, but I appreciate the differences in which it was done.

They phased him out in a way that even I, didn't even know that he wasn't there anymore, which made me feel bad about his death.  But even then we had the whole, is Izzie coming back storyline and I, eventually got to the point where I didn't care if she came back or not.

Last night's episode was okay, I'm not at all surprised about April's infatuation over Dr. Sheppard.  I think he's an ass, but I've seen women fall for jerks who have authority so it's a believable storyline, but she's pathetic.  But I don't think Meredith is, I probably would have thought she was if I didn't follow the show from the start she has her moments of being pathetic but she reclaims who she is later on.  I liked how she confronted Derek about stealing her surgery, he did it because he thought he could get away with it and was shocked when she said something about it, April would have just let him take it.

I'm annoyed that I think that I may have passed by Jesse Williams.  I really do think that out of all the actors who hail from Philadelphia that he is the one that I may have crossed paths with.  And by crossed paths I do mean it literally, like we were on the same street or on the same bus, lol.  If he really did go to Temple this is really possible.  Or it's possible that I may have run across someone who looks like him, but maybe not.  He's handsome  and I like the relationship he has with Meredith now.  The relationship between Alex and Meredith will always be my number one favorite but I like Avery and how we got to see more about him this season.

These last episodes of Grey's have been really depressing lately.  I know it always can't be sunshine and happiness but Hunt's really been bringing me down.  And yes I know, it's not new for the women of Grey's to chase after these men, but at least in the beginning the feeling was semi-mutual.  Now it's just insane, Teddy chasing after Hunt who's with Christina.  April longing for Sheppard who's with Meredith.  Lexi who wanted George who didn't want her back went with Mark who broke up with her because she slept with Alex.

I remember the good old days, when it was Meredith and Derek and Addison was in the way, lol.  Alex and Izzie.  Christina and Burke.  George and Callie.  What I'm saying is, there's too many love triangles going on!  Did Avery get over his crush for Christina?

I try not to complain about Supernatural because I'm one of those fans who, in the past, have been one of the ones who join in with complaining too much. Until one day between season three I realized, the freaking episode hadn't aired yet, how can I complain about this?  I should at least wait until it airs!

But season five hasn't been running the way I'd hoped it would.  They're scrambling a lot, they are stand alone episodes, but it's not like the early episodes when they actually save people in a small town, we had like two or three this year.  Other times it's been the brothers who are in trouble, they're always in trouble.  It didn't make sense when Sam was listening to Ruby.  It would have made more sense if Sam was tricked into listening to Ruby, IF he didn't know she was a demon it would have made a teensy bit more sense. 

But it's done and we're in season five and I really wish they would leave God out of the equation.  Last night's episode, Dark Side of the Moon ended, on a sad note and that's not new to the Supernatural world, but it ended with everyone angry with God, even Castiel.  And if they're going to go this route they shouldn't have brought God up at all.  Take religion out of it okay, take out whether or not you think it's blasphemous.  But look at it like a waste of time.  They ate up so much time and so many episodes looking or talking about God, only to say forget it.  And not just forget it, but now they're angry at God.  What was the point?

I am hoping that there's a reason for all of this because right now it's looking like the writers have a personally vedetta against religion or faith.  It looks like the message is...we're all on our own.  When the angel pretty much told Sam and Dean that they aren't on their own but they took it to mean that they are.

I just feel like we're going in circles with this show.  I still like it but not as much as I used to.

I really hope FlashForward does not get canceled.  I feel as though they're moving toward something big, and I want to know what it is.  Sam McPherson said it best at TVOvermind.
 It's a pity, really, especially considering the surge in quality that FlashForward's gotten. However, such huge hiatuses like the one the show went through are never, ever beneficial to a series' well being. Viewers just stop caring about the characters and the story.

It was good and we're seeing bits and pieces of who Vogel is, is he a bad guy or is he a good guy pretending to be a bad guy?

But with the loss of a million viewers, things don't look so great.  Sucks.


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