Snowshoe in the Summer: Shaver's Lake

I've been incredibly blessed to have perfect days. Or even dare I call them perfect weekends or events.

I'm a simple yet complicated person.

Simple because it doesn't take much to make me happy. Complicated because I need two bags to go away for a weekend.

I'm working on trying to get it down to one, haha.

My love and I just left the Ginos in Summersville a little pit stop on our way back home from staying in Snowshoe for the weekend.

A friend of ours invited us up to hang out and little did we know Wanderlust was going on.

We didn't know what Wanderlust was but after this weekend and saying Namasate as sarcastically as we can throughout the weekend (it got old pretty fast for me but not the fellas) we learned enough about the event to know it looks interesting buy above my pay grade.  $400 for the weekend was my estimation.

Snowshoe is great in the summer.

Last year on the last day of the season Shawn and I got a pass where we drove an atv, shot clays and rode horses.

We didn't do any of that this trip.

We met up with Skip Heater a man I like to call a Mr. West Virginia, a National Treasure. He has some of the best stories.

He knows anyone and everyone in the area.

The last time we were in to ride horses (which is so much fun) we rode with a CEO and his family. It was the littlest first turn to ride and she rode the most gentle horse named Morgan.

It was a great time and the company was even better.

My horse, Luna, knows the route like the back of her hand and wherever she decided to go is where we went.

At some point she started to run, they get treats at the end and she was pumped to get to the end.

Then she didn't want to wait to take a picture.  But eventually we got our shots.

But this weekend the pace was a little different.  We hung out made a new friend and got closer with an older friend.

We didn't get a chance to go to Old Spruce this time but we did eat at Foxfire.

The wings weren't awesome but the cheesy fries were wonderful.

Met a few people who were in town for the Wanderlust event and I called it a night.

I'm 31 but I act like I'm 61 sometimes.

Earlier that day we walked a trail we renamed the Six Vixens.

There are six times this trail morphs and the terrain turns into something else.  I didn't realize it at first or else I would have taken more pictures.

One of our new friends was surprised to know I don't know who Tom Petty is.

I also don't know who Brad Paisley is.

I do know who Alison Krauss and Union Station is so there take that for whatever that can be worth haha.

I did listen to some Tyler Childers.  And I'm not mad at that guy at all. I'm going yo have to look him up.  It reminds me of Blues.

Like I said it was a wonderful weekend.

We discussed going again sometime soon and making a trip to Motown and  Montreal. These will be separate trips of course but it's nice to plan ahead.

I just need to be better at planning and packing.

There's always something I've forgotten.

This trip it was nail clippers and sunglasses.

I'm also going to semi big chop.

More on that later.

Snowshoe in the summer time is the best!


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