Fear the Walking Dead: Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water

Fear the Walking Dead
Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water

Looks like I have a new book to read based on the title of this episode.  Not!Twin from The Following gives a book to Alicia titled Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water.  It's apparently a collection of poems and Alicia turns it down with the mindset that food and water are all that matters now, not poetry.

I get what she's saying but as someone who loves literature and has a fear of being without access to whatever form of media you can even if it's just a book hearing her say that makes me dismiss Alicia.
Ok yes, food and water are important but the loss of knowledge is important too.
Madison goes off with Not!Kol and confidently claims that he won't hurt her.

Nick accepts that she says this without questioning her further. You almost ripped his eye out with a spoon. Why WOULDN'T he hurt you? Is the bigger question.
Image result for drowning in fire burning in waterMadison and Army Co. get robbed by a Native American which gives me mixed feelings.  But this individual warns Madison and Army Co. to abandon the land their on. Apparently, the history of Troy's family goes back and the Native American wants what's the land returned to him.
Which sucks because they did an awesome job taking out a bunch of zombies earlier in the episode.

Somehow Madison basically is now commanding Troy's troops. How? And that didn't take long.

Madison gets into Troy's head and oh look he's holding a knife to her throat while one of the army guys watched lol wtf?

What happened to he won't hurt me? He certainly came close.

I didn't recap the last episode. I wasn't expecting Daniel Salazar to live and I wasn't expecting this anti-buddy mission he and Victor Strand are on.

Image result for drowning in fire burning in water

Nick and Luciana go on an awesome and romantic date. But then she leaves hopefully to find Ophelia because Daniel and Victor are terrible at finding her.

Victor does lie a lot. I miss the old cool, calm and collected Victor Strand. I still like that he's mysterious but he doesn't have the control and calmness he had when we first met him. If he did it wouldn't ring true on the show but you know how you can never recapture the coolness of a character you like when you first meet them.

Paul Tassi has a great recap of the episode
'The Walking Dead' Is About Superheroes, 'Fear the Walking Dead' Is About People

Nick Romano's Recap is much better than mine


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