Big Brother 19: Let's Talk About this Premiere

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I've been watching Big Brother since I was 12 years old.  Social games to me is what football is to my husband.  It's very crazy to think that this show has been on for almost 20 years and I've watched every single season.  Having said all of that I must say this might be the best premiere in a very long time.

Image result for big brother 19 cast 2017I try to live tweet during the show (not really) I tweet on delay to forward past the commercials and also wait for my husband to join me on the sofa.  Every year I work hard to not get excited for the new season so that I'm not crushingly disappointed in the chosen cast members.

I couldn't remember who won last season and that's an indication as to how much I didn't enjoy the previous season when I realized it was Nicole that won I became re-annoyed all over again.  This is why I understand people's frustrations when they say they don't want any returning players.

But I think I can let it slide with Paul being there.  He's not some person thrown in for kicks he's an actual strategic player and in my opinion, he has a disadvantage being the ONLY returning player.  So let him play.

No one in the cast really stands out to me as a major player.  It could be my imagination but every season I get older and the cast members get younger or more immature?  We can't cheer at everything I get that it's exciting but my goodness. I like how the cheering died down after someone grabbed that money.  And by someone, I mean Kevin with the six daughters and one son.

Cameron got in his own way.  Sure there are times when you should throw competitions but this wasn't the one to throw.  I like how the two who volunteered to jump off were the ones who ended up on the block.

Sooner rather than later Cameron would have worked my nerves "I'm a triple threat".  Says who?  It seemed like he was trying to convince everyone else he was more than what he was.
Big Brother 19

You can read his brief eviction interview here

My father has an issue with the only black woman on the show Dominique lying as soon as she walked in the door.  But it would have been a horrible strategy for her to go in and tell everyone she has a great job working for the government.  In spaces where you're the only black person in the room (no Josh and  Ramses don't count because I think they identify more as Latino than black and they're men) you already stand out because you're the only black person in the room and then you have to kinda dampen down your shine.  Let's not all forget the Aryan situation with Candice.  So while yes lying as soon as you walk in the door isn't great especially when you're a Christan, you are also in a room with a bunch of strangers who are also liars.

I'm not sold on Megan being this Navy interrogator she said she "LEARNED" to interrogate people not that she actually did any interrogating.  I don't know a lot about the Navy so I don't know how she went from Navy interrogator to dog walker.

I think Jessica is smarter than what she seems and that's why she wants you to look at her "other assets" all the time.

My husband likes Cody and I don't.  If you don't like Paul then don't sit in a room and say nothing to him.  Go in there and say you don't want the Friendship Bracelet.  Even make it look like you're doing him a favor.  I know, I know I'm armchair quarterbacking but what got me and most of twitter was how he said he didn't like Paul and then got mad when Paul didn't give him a bracelet.

Paul isn't an idiot I'm sure he could tell that Cody doesn't like him.  That logic blew my mind.  Also how everyone felt entitled to a bracelet.

Sometimes I miss old school big brother, "hey if you give me a bracelet and I win HOH I will save you."  Not, pick me because I have boobs and cheese.

I think this is a pretty good cast overall.  Josh figuring that it's best that Paul doesn't give him a bracelet says to me he may be smarter than he seems.  But I feel as though he may still annoy me and last awhile.  As long as he's not as annoying as Austin or Jessie in his first season I should be okay.

I'm excited to see how Part Two shakes out tonight.


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