Things that Pissed Me Off About Fear the Walking Dead


This post will be riddled with spoilers from Season 3 episodes 3.01 and 3.02 “Eye of the Beholder” and “The New Frontier.”

Let me first say Mr. Strand is my favorite character and Ofelia.  Who we haven't seen in forever.  Nick is touch and go for me.  

Image result for new cast fear the walking dead season 3Chris was the worst character I'd seen in awhile.  I tried with him and it's hard in a way because we don't know how much time as passed between him losing his mom and the timeline of events that has happened after season one.   Nick was the druggie of the family and he's found a way to maneuver in this new world and I appreciate how the show explained his focus.  It also pisses me off because in the event of an apocalypse we all would LIKE to think we're the Rick's, Michonne or even Glenn's of the world.  But what if you're a Chris?   I didn't like his character but it was still hard to watch his death but we all saw it coming in one form or another.  I'm not glad he's dead, I'm glad we're done with his storyline.  Because he was SO NAIVE.  

Travis, it was a rollercoaster between Travis and how I felt about his storylines but we'll get to that later.

1.  Quick Reunion

I appreciate how we started off, bam, Travis is thrown in with the sicklings and there we see Nick.  That told me this was going to be an episode that packs a lot into it or else they would have dragged out how Travis meets up with Nick.

2. Guessing Game of Semi-Known Actors

I liked these new additions.  I can't stand Troy but I like these actors.  Are these guys considered B-List actors, I don't mean any disrespect they're obviously not as recognizable as George Clooney or Tom Cruise.  But maybe one of these guys will be the next Clooney, Cruise or DiCaprio even.

I pay attention to actors, it's a hobby, where I've seen these actors before how they're careers are going and so I was very much surprised to see not!Kol from The Originals and The Originals fans know who I'm talking about.  Daniel Sharman replaced Nathaniel Buzolic which is funny to me on a show called The Originals.  So Daniel wasn't the original Kol.  He did a decent job.  I enjoyed his performance on the show.  Then I saw Sam Underwood from the Following, who disappointingly enough DOES NOT have a real life twin.

And THEN when Noel Fisher popped up I was really surprised so I had the added fun of watching the episode trying to figure out which ONE of these guys was going to end up as a series regular.

With that being said, we've now come to the Idiot of the Episode.

3.  Idiot of the Episode

If you're getting ready to leave a place for good, and you hear rattling around the wall would you really take the time to take the vent out of the wall and try to figure out what it is?

No.  Because you're smart.

I already decided Noel wasn't going to make it through the episode because he was the number one murderer.  I was sure he wasn't going to live to see episode two when he started icing people two at a time.  But what an idiot for trying to hear was behind the wall and going so far as to remove the vent.  Seriously, guy?

4. Best Moment of the Episode

And now onto the Best Moment of the Episode, I liked the most.

When Madison tried to take a scoop out of not!Kol's eye.  I don't even like Madison ok?  I haven't liked her since he turned on every since light in the hotel.  I saw that and sure it makes for great t.v.  But so did a certain character getting his face chewed off in The Walking Dead.

Fun to watch but if it was you in that moment would you think it was a good idea?  No.

If my mom couldn't find me I wouldn't want her to risk herself and others to get to me.  I just wouldn't expect anyone to do that.  It would be a mess.

5. The Big Death      

I was sad to see Travis go just because of how brief his reunion with Madison was and we just got rid of Chris so I was pretty happy to see him again without that guy.  Also how manPolynesian actors are on tv?  

So I thought that was kinda crummy.  But if I was going to die during the zombie apocalypse I would like do die with something normal happening.  Not a mystery bullet.  Especially after living through everything he lived through earlier that day.  But then the revealed that he had been bitten I remembered thinking, aw man.  I'll miss Cliff Curtis.  He frustrated me at first but I feel like his journey was interesting and we had a lot more story to tell for him.  There was so much going on and when Alicia got separated I was freaking out about the helicopter.  Because something about being in the sky during a zombie apocalypse freaks me out I would have left Travis for the truck!


But let's lock in those contracts.  I don't want any more deaths!  I didn't even want this one so let's get a core group of people and stick with that for awhile.  Okay?  Please?

I thought this was an interesting article on the episode, but I disagree that Travis' story was done.

The New Season of Fear the Walking Dead Began With a Hell of a Surprise


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