School's In Podcast

My cousin is 1/3 of a new podcast called School's In.

So far they've tackled, What it means to be a Legend and Colorism.

The Legend's debate left me feeling like R&B for female performers halted at Lauryn Hill in a way.  Sure we have Jennifer Hudson but it could be argued that she is Pop and R&B.

The Lauryn Hill debate is annoying because before any discussion can occur (I believe) a separate of the artist from their work must be done.  I cannot judge an artist on who they are personally, I don't know them personally.  I know them based on their music and how they've impacted me and how they've impacted people with their music.

The Colorism podcast covered an array of topics.  From apartheid to how lighter people in the black community are treated and the pressures that comes along with that to behave "more black".

This debate is annoying because there are still people debating whether or not it's real.

Colorism frustrates me because it's very much alive and well in today's society.  The next time you're watching a tv show, the dark skinned person is always the most aggressive one.

I point it out to my husband all of the time.  I don't enjoy tv as often as I used to because of those little, subtle nuances thrown into our tv shows and movies.

The colorism debate is annoying because of how close it is to the natural hair debate.  And from the natural hair debate, we can have the appropriation vs assimilation debate.

These are good topics to start off with especially with a new podcast but I guess it's just making me realize the large amounts of anger I walk around with on a daily basis.

Is that what it means to be triggered?

Well then I guess I have several.

I think the next debate is about Kendrick.  I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Nice post!! Thanks for listening. Me personally, I'm glad you are realizing how angry these things actually make you, I'm hoping we get the same response from other people so we can begin to come up with solutions to these issues. Episode 3 will be out tonight at 7, enjoy!


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