We Tied the Knot

Image may contain: 1 person, weddingFinally! Shawn and I are married.
And while our photographers tease us with a preview photo here and there of our big day I can't help but take this time to give credit to where it belongs.

Consider this a huge thank you to the fantastic men and women who helped make our special day special.

Starting with our patient and gracious parents. Shawn's parents especially jumped in wherever we needed them to and more importantly stepped back when we needed them to.  The balance of that ebb and flow is essential to a successful day. 
I'd say my top three favorite things to do was to pick my dress, bouquet, and food.

The day wasn't without it's hiccups. I had to ask my new friend to be a stand in maid of honor and she was flawless in doing so, no one was none the wiser.  I am grateful that she said yes and came to hang out with me while I got ready.

I was really excited to have a whole family in the wedding. Mom (bridesmaid), dad (groomsmen), daughter (junior bridesmaid) and son (ring bearer) were wonderful and looked great in doing so. 

Their daughter is SO POLITE I love her.  I can't wait to see what kind of woman she'll grow up to be.

But the main reason for this post is for me to give credit to the craftsmen and women who make these events magical.

Image may contain: 1 person, weddingBelle owns a bridal shop in Charleston, I love walking into her shop.  There's the beautiful fabric woven into magnificent dresses everywhere. It is almost like walking into a fantasy world where you feel like you're walking on clouds.

Like my husband and a few members of the bridal party, she is a WV Wesleyan Alum.  When I told her seamstress Kaitlyn that I wanted a dress that was 20s meets Grace Kelly it was as if she plucked the image from my mind.
If you're getting married make the trip to her shop. 
Everyone is just wonderful there.

Food was a little trickier to figure out. I don't know how Shawn found Wendy at Meticulous Catering but people were going back for seconds.
She doesn't have a strong online presence since I believe she's a one woman show but I had to go back and thank her toward the end of the reception the food was so good.
Book her if and when you can.  I wasn't sold until we got a sampler meal from her a few months before the wedding.
She was excellent.

My bouquet is a different story. I actually forgot. Don't be like me and come to whomever you choose three months before your wedding craftsmanship takes time but even still Susie was able to give me exactly what I asked for.

She's in North Canton, Ohio.

I chose her because she was accessible and easy to meet with and I could see and hold exactly what I was looking for. I showed her my dress, told her my vision and a few texts of questions later I had my bouquet and boutonnieres.
She is simply amazing.

Image may contain: flowerNo automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupKarrie just opened her shop in January and I LOVE her.  I wish she had her shop before I moved from West Virginia. She did my hair and my makeup.
I've had so many bad experiences going to salons growing up this part of the wedding gave me serious anxiety.  But she's professional, sweet, welcoming, personal, punctual.
I would, later on, find out that there were other makeup artists and stylists in the area that work with minority hair and makeup but if a stylist's portfolio doesn't show that I have no way or knowing.
I got tired of reaching out to salons only to be told they didn't know about cornrows or sew-in weaves. It was frustrating, I ended up asking our photographers if they knew anyone and they were the best, full-service hands on. 

Emily posted to her fb page and the suggestions came pouring in and that's how I found Karrie.

Tony the Tailor
He's a Charleston staple everyone knows him and his work and his work speaks for itself.
He had all the fellas looking classy and snazzy.
The ladies who worked with us at the state capitol and Women's Club Kim Miller and Linda Red were wonderful.

They were very responsive and even when I forgot to give Linda the setup of how I wanted the reception to look she called me and reminded me, haha.  Kim works for the Capitol and even though we never got to meet her she was integral in helping us set everything up.

We went to A-Z Rentals for the chairs. Message us if you would like more information on their services.

I felt loved and I felt as though all of these people were professional and dedicated to providing us the best service they can give us.

Thank you everyone.


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