The Strangest Dream! Gossip Girl

While I'm one degree away from being on Gossip Girl, I went to high school with a one, Richard Graves who was in a Gossip Girl episode (the blackout ep), it's not on his imdb page, because his scene may have ended up on the cutting room floor.

I never in my wildest dreams think thought that I could end up in an episode myself.  Until today, or ummm, yesterday, well last night.

I used to think that they'd come to Philly for an episode and I would somehow some way end up as an extra, but since I've moved further down south, it seems that I have a better shot of being on TVD than Gossip Girl.  But that doesn't explain this strange dream!

The dream was weird because first of all, I was completely aware of what I was doing, but I was not aware that I was dreaming.  We were all in France, the whole cast that is, acting out a scene with no cameras!

Where in an old French hotel and everyone was dressed up in these old French dresses.  But NO ONE would break character.  No my friend was not there, lol.  But I was a character there too, and they kept waiting for me to say my lines and I froze.  I had no idea what my lines were because I hadn't seen the script I had no idea of what anyone was talking about.  But can someone tell me why Serena and Jenny were speaking completely in French the entire time.  I don't know French, so I don't know how I'm dreaming about people speaking French.  So, I'm dreaming about Jenny and Serena speaking mock French, which sounded like real French.

Leighton and Chace reassure me and tell me that it's okay, that everyone messes up really badly on their first day and that I'll do much better the next day.  What?!  What in the world?!  So odd.

I can only tell when something bad is about to happen, maybe things are starting to turn around and maybe this means that something good will happen!  Maybe I will be in a GG ep!  Or maybe those guys from the job interview will call me with good news!  Or maybe the CW will call, cuz I applied there too.

Or maybe it means nothing, it still was strange how I had a Justified marathon and then had a dream about Gossip Girl.  Maybe I saw a tweet about Gossip Girl before I went to bed?

While I have no intentions on becoming an actress, I was an extra once, for a pilot for a show that never aired, lol, it was fun to hang around the set and watch the camera men and the directors working.  Maybe I'll run into someone from GG during one of my book fairs.

OR maybe one of my stories will be turned into a film and someone from the GG production will be connected with it somehow.

Or the dream means absolutely nothing and I shouldn't eat starbursts that late at night. 


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