Top 12 Favorite TV Openings

I was watching Burn Notice yesterday and I noticed, that they're opening is well, redundant.  At first I was cool, ya know, my name is Michael Weston, oh yeah!  Get on with the show, and now all these seaons later his name is still Michael Weston and the opening is still the same.

 Sometimes I don't mind it when the opening stays the same, like on these shows:

1.  Roswell
If you know me, then you know Roswell is my favorite show.  It had and still does have a lot of potential, I mean, come on, if we can bring back the Smurfs we can bring back Roswell.
This is one of my favorites because Dido is one of my favorite singers. This isn't the opening I wanted. I wanted the first season but could not find it.

2.  True Blood
Because the opening looks like soemthing you could film but once you thought about it, it would take a whole lot of time to do.  Besides were in the world would I find a dead fox to film anyway?

3.  Mad Men
No other opening looks like that opening and yes it's of a guy jumping out of building but I like to think of it as being that guys inner thoughts like he's spiraling out of control but on the inside he's staying cool the way he looks at the end of the opening.  Or I'm completely wrong and it doesn't mean any of that!  Who cares I like it.

4.  Angel
I still haven't figured out if I like the song or if I like the way the graphics flicker from one cast member to the next.  The background looks cool and everything, I have good memories associated with that theme song.

5.  Bewtiched
Um, because it's a cartoon, that basically tells you what the show is about. 

6.  CSI and CSI Miami
Both for very different reasons.  I like Who Are You?  I like how it fits perfectly with the song, they way the opening is done graphics wise, is nice too. 
I like the CSI Miami theme because of how everyone keeps playing it in random places right when the guy is screaming YEAHH!!!  It always cracks me up.

7.  The OC
I think I like the piano intro more than the rest of the song.  Aw man, everything I do I just can't get away from that show.

8.  Dollhouse
I like the song, I like the thought put into the opening, I wonder what kind of day Eliza had filming it just changing from outfit to outfit but it was a good episode.  btw, I think  Man on the Street just may be my favorite episode.

9.  UFO
That theme rocks!  I just like it.  It's fun.

10.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You already know why.

11. NCIS
Because it's fun and the transitions are cool here too.

12. Tru Calling
I've missed that show, there was going to be a show off and everything and then they just cancelled it.  Thanks a lot Fox.  But they're kinda making up with it because of Glee.


  1. I'm putting True Blood on my Netflix list--I've heard too many great things about that show!

  2. Thank you for the comment. Yes, it's a great show. My only complaint of the show is that they feel like just because they're on HBO that they have to push the envelope. It doesn't take away from the story, so I still enjoy it.

    I like how in the midst of a crisis that's going on the writers still find a way for it to be funny.


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