Phew, Guess What?

I. Am. Almost. Finished!

I'm taking a break from writing my book to tell you I'm almost finished writing my book!

The Quest to Save Xanar aka TQTSX is actually finished.  It has been for quite some time, but was it ready?

Heck no!

I've gone through so many drafts, we're nearing the hysterical level.  But it's still not right, and it hasn't been for awhile, it still isn't, but I would put it down, write a short story and then the light bulb would go off, ah ha!  I would realize what my book is missing and then make the appropriate adjustments.

I was able to work on this book through the normal circumstances, work, school, moving, forces of evil on my ass.  Nothing new.  I have good on my side, I like to refer to it as The Force sometimes so I brush all of that away and keep writing.  I'm out of school as of last year so I've been writing more and more often.

Out of paranoia I had it copyrighted a while ago, and I also wrote a novella that takes place before the novel, called The Visions of Koto-Ryin.  I haven't been marketing it too hard because of the time I've spent writing.  I have a little here and there to work with.

What is it about?

Oh that's the best part.
An alien princess must stop her warriors from taking over Deltor's neighboring planet Xanar.

Arianna is the princess of Deltor, warriors she didn't know existed have awakened on Earth.

It occurred to me the other day that this might be a YA SciFi novel since these are young adults I'm writing about.  hmmm, I thought it was just scifi.  We'll see, I'll talk about that more once I'm finished.


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