WIP: What Am I Working On?

I have several projects in mind, well started.
What I mean by started is, there's a story start to finish, it just needs to be edited and then later polished and refined.

So in other words, a whole lot of work ahead of me. Which is strange, there are times when I get uninspired and just blah, no ideas come and I really do feel like there's a moth just fluttering around in my brain (for those of you who said really?? you do? my answer is no, not really.) But lately the ideas just pop from out of nowhere, maybe that moth is actually doing some work up there. I just need to be more effective in getting it all finished and done because before you know it, I'll have another idea for a story.

The most important Work in Progress (WIP) is The Quest to Save Xanar, I am currently in Chapter Ten of my scifi adventure. For the longest I thought I was in Chapter Ten, but nope it turns out I was in Chapter Nine the whole time, but now!  I'm in Chapter Ten, I'm sure of it.  While I was working on this story, I had ideas for spin offs and other stories, which is annoying since I hadn't finished the original yet.

How can you have spin off ideas when the spin isn't finished, people will say what's this off of?
Journey Through the Water Bridge - 3,293 words
The Lost Children - 12,065 words

And that's not including the ones I haven't finished yet
Project 63 -
The Texan Disappearance -
Dimensional Drift - 15,842
Untitled Script - Yes, I've also decided to write a script, a scifi script

Which is not including...the stories I already did (paranromal)
Rain of the Slimax
The Thirteenth Floor
Murder in the Wings

Eliza the Time Traveler Series - free short stories
The Washington Palace
Code Name: Agent Madrid

Which also does NOT include (science fiction)
Battle at the Revkar Portal
Attack of the Skyro
The Vadarian Nightmare
The Return of the Skyro
Betrayal on Kitnar

The novellete
Assault of the Telda

So, I know that 2010 isn't over yet, but we're only halfway through a lot can happen in six months. I've already finished 12 short stories and one novella. In short, keep a look out for me because I'm coming, lol.


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