Pretend Photographer Time! Part 2!

Pretend Photographer Time
Has become a moment of accidental photographer time, lol.

Fooling around with my camera, I thought that I had the camera on the wrong setting (I did) but I didn't realize that the picture was still capturing as I was turning the camera, and I got this picture to your left.

Any accidental picture that has p.s. I love you, my name and Stephenie Meyer in it must mean something!

That was a can I painted with my name on it, note the URE for Lauren when I was like six so give me a break.  I don't even know how I still have that thing.

Here's what the poster fully looks like.
I had such a hard time picking one side, but ultimately I chose the side with both Jacob and Edward, because Edward wasn't in the other picture and I just couldn't do that to him, lol.  When my mom told me she was going to WalMart to pick up some things so I gave her the cash to pick up New Moon and Eclipse.  I didn't even know there was a poster in the back of the book until Jacob was telling Bella to go away and she was just standing there in the rain.  I was over the moon when I saw the poster!  Well, maybe over the moon is a bit much but I was surprised.  

I don't talk much with other Twilight fans, or I probably would have known it was there.  I would say I should start checking the backs of books, but I'll begin to expect it and be really disappointed.


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